10 Reasons to Sell Your Watch

10 Reasons to Sell Your Watch

If you’re looking for information on how to sell your watch or places you can do so securely, chances are whichever reason brought you down this path is right for you. However, whether as a buyer or seller, you’re probably curious as to what brings someone to resell a luxury timepiece. After all, everyone says that’re an investment and few have the ability to make a purchase that’s the equivalent of buying a home or a car without serious forethought. It may seem a bit odd that they’d turn around and resell it, all things considered. If you’ve decided to sell your watch, though, it usually comes down to one of these ten key reasons.

1) You’ve Outgrown It

One of the most common first purchases is a quality Rolex or Omega. It’s a rite of passage in some groups. That being said, what suits you when you’re in your 20s isn’t necessarily what suits you in your 30s or beyond. You may want something that suits your stage in life a bit better or represents how far you’ve come. If you look at your wrist and it’s no longer conveying the man you are today, it’s probably time to sell your watch.

2) You Never Really Liked It

Many people come into their luxury timepieces as gifts or heirlooms. It’s one thing to feel a sense of pride while seeing your father’s Audemars Piguet upon your own wrist and imagining it on your son’s one day, but if the timepiece never suited you and you see no sense in forcing your own child to “endure” a piece that doesn’t suit him, chances are you’ll want to unload it.

3) You Want to Upgrade

Suffice it to say, the more you learn about luxury timepieces, the hungrier you get for quality. You start to notice the minor differences in complications, how the face of one edition looks bolder than yours, how specific models are more accurate, and so on. No matter how much you enjoy your timepiece, there will come a time when your eye starts to wander.

4) You’re a Flipper

Although not every timepiece can net a profit, many can and do for their owners. Oftentimes, a new buyer will bring a timepiece home and wear it for a while, only to decide it’s not quite right for them. They sell it and make a profit, then realize there’s money to be had in mindful reselling. A flipper is born. By flipping watches, the owner essentially has a limitless collection and gets to try out each timepiece which catches his eye with little concern of the value. After all, he’ll be reselling it for a profit soon.

10 Reasons to Sell Your Watch

5) You Want Something More Unique

It’s often said that “familiarity breeds contempt.” Those are arguably strong words for a timepiece, but consider this: There are some luxury timepieces anyone with a few thousand dollars can purchase. If you can invest a bit more and have a keen eye, you can pick up a limited-edition timepiece that few can get their hands on, regardless of how much they bring to the table. By going with something uncommon, it will be a rare occasion when you see your timepiece on the wrist of another. Yours will reflect you and your unique style. If you hit the stage where you don’t feel like your timepiece distinguishes you from others well enough, you’ll likely sell your watch. To be clear, that doesn’t mean the old one was bad; it may sincerely make a great starter timepiece for someone else.

6) It Needs More TLC than You Can Provide

Nothing is sadder to a collector than seeing a quality timepiece in disrepair; broken, malfunctioning, caked in gunk. The good thing is, most defects can be repaired, but you have to know who to contact and how to go about having the piece serviced in the best possible manner. Moreover, you have to be able to identify when it makes financial sense to take care of the repairs and when it makes sense to lay the piece to rest. If you’re someone who isn’t a collector or isn’t into luxury timepieces, chances are you’ll sell your watch as-is, purely because it’s much simpler to do that than it is to have it serviced properly without knowledge and experience.

7) Cash in Hand is More Valuable than a Watch on the Wrist to You

Many people purchase quality timepieces knowing that they’ll, at the very least, retain a significant amount of value. If a specific timepiece no longer suits you or there are other things that interest you more, there’s a good chance you’ll sell your watch to fund new endeavors, be it a car, home, or other investment opportunity.

8) Your Timepiece has Surged in Value and You Want to Capitalize

Sometimes luxury timepieces see an unexpected surge in value. This might occur if it comes to light that a particular run has an unintended peculiarity, if someone famous has been spotted wearing one, because you’ve been holding it a while, or for a myriad of reasons. If you purchased yours as an investment piece, it only makes sense to sell your watch when it rises in value.

9) You Thought it Would Rise in Value, But It’s Holding Steady

The other side of collecting is that not all timepieces rise in value substantially. The ones that do are typically limited editions or those with unique qualities. Vintage pieces which age well and are kept in their original condition may also increase in value. That being said, many others simply hold value. If you purchased yours thinking it would increase in value and there are no signs to suggest it will anytime soon, chances are you’ll release it and switch to one more likely to provide returns.

10) You Discovered Someone Else is Looking for Your Timepiece

Whether you’re a collector or a casual buyer, chances are you’ll find yourself on directories or forums at some point. Many, like Value Your Watch, allow you to find out what multiple people are willing to pay for your timepiece at once, while forums often have listings where people make note of a specific piece they’d like to own. If you’re not particularly attached to yours, knowing someone else wants to give it a wrist may compel you to let it go, even if you weren’t initially planning to.

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