5 Amazing Watches That Cost Around $100,000


You might find it hard to believe but getting a watch that cost around $100,000 is really difficult. Luxury brands like Rolex can be gotten for less than $10,000 while a new TAG Heuer can be gotten for a few thousands. Even nice hand-crafted wristwatches like the Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe which take over a year to design cost less than $40,000.

Therefore any timepiece with price tag of about $100,000 must have some things that ordinary timepieces don’t have. We’ve put together a team of 5 high profile watchmakers who have drawn out the reasons each piece is worth the money.

#1 MB&F Horological Machines

Though prices cannot be seen on the website of Maximillian Busser and Friends for its “Horological machines”, the present nine primary variants of the brand cannot be gotten for less than $100,000 with some even climbing to $200,000 or more. All designs of this brand have different inspirations ranging from steampunk sci-fi through jellyfish though they all have same unique feel that is almost sports car-like. In 2007, the HM1was released and it was the first watch ever to simultaneously make use of two sources of energy breaking all rules and also the first movement with barrels in series and parallel connections.

However, the latest HM8 is a unique piece that comprises 247 individual components with a design of a race car with roll bars. Moving on, at a glance, the HM7 can be mistaken for a globe or R2D2, but when it is turned on its side, it is glaring why it also called the Aquapod.

#2 Calibre de Cartier Flying Tourbillon

When you talk about modern manliness, the Calibre de Cartier pieces are the essence of it. These pieces can be easily recognized by unique characteristics such as blue hands, enlarged XII at the top and Cartier’s signature. This piece focuses more on precise time keeping and fine appearance.

However, there is one thing that makes this piece stand out, “the flying tourbillon” which enables Cartier to be favored by many collectors. The designs of previous watches used the tourbillon to counter the effect of gravity thereby increasing the accuracy and this practice was extended to luxury watches which have the tourbillon tucked away deep inside the piece for protection against shock.

One interesting thing about this piece is, the tourbillon is hanging in a way that looks as if it is floating within the case. Most of the Calibre de Cartier goes for about $50,000 or less but the Flying Tourbillon option is most valuable because it is less common.

#3 Rolex Submariner for Cartier

We make the Rolex Submariners available on our site from time to time. These pieces are fashioned to suit divers. Their price start from $7,500 and climb up when it is new. Used pieces are still worth passing down from generation to generation as Rolex is dedicated to durability and excellent precision.

The jeweler was into partnering with brands with reputable profile to make pieces for them before Cartier entered the watchmaking industry. However, there was a partnership between Cartier and Rolex which lasted for a short time in the 1970s giving rise to a very small number of Submariners carrying Cartier stamps which can be gotten through the Cartier on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

The Sea-Dweller which is the big brother of the Submariner fashioned for more serious divers was the only similar wristwatch to be auctioned in recent years. The starting price for the Rolex Submariner when it emerged was $100,000 though the amount it fetched could not be ascertained as there is no record.

#4 Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph for Tiffany & CO.        

The Nautilus which has been in existence since the 1970s is Patek Philippe classic piece just like the Submariner for Rolex. Presently, lots of versions of the Nautilus has been produced by Patek Philippe most of which are less than $100,000. However, the conventional steel chronograph featuring a dual time zone mechanism can be gotten from $50,000 and above. Also, the Nautilus Chronographs Patek Philippe designed for Tiffany & Co is valued close to $100,000.

#5 A. Lange & Sohne Double Split

Both the A. Lange Sohne Double Split and the Patek Philippe Ref. 5370P Rattrapante look alike and have same functions but the difference is the price. The Patek Philippe cost over $200,000 while the A. Lange Sohne goes for little over $100,000 (for new).

Moving on, the Double Split is the first brand in the world to include a double-rattrapante function in a mechanical chronograph which is part of its beauty. In addition, the wearer of the piece can track event up to 30 minutes long either separately or concurrently making it the best choice for sport aficionados.

Watches that cost around $100,000 can be half as much if pre-owned

It will interest you to know that not all pre-owned pieces increase in value over time. Luxury pieces like the Rolex Submariner for Cartier and the Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph for Tiffany & Co. are amazing investments. Those used pieces that do not increase in value enable individuals to purchase superior luxury watches in excellent condition without the same devaluation they would encounter if the same watch was a new one. So, whether you are purchasing to get a fine watch or for investment,Valueyourwatch.com have lots of Luxury brands, with guaranteed authenticity ensuring you get top quality.


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