5 Best Watch Blogs on the Internet


Looking for the best watch blogs online?

Whether you’re studying up before purchasing your first luxury timepiece or are building a collection, getting solid information from an unbiased source is essential.

Particularly when it comes to fine timepieces, it can be difficult to tell who’s printing something to sell a watch and who’s giving it to you straight.

As enthusiasts of the industry, we have a few favorite watch blogs we think are worth checking out, and we’ll break them down below.


New York-based HODINKEE started off purely as an informational website in 2008. The name comes from the Czech word “hodinky,” which translates to “little watch.”

The aim of the site was initially to present information in a way anyone could understand; to make the world of luxury watches make sense to anyone and spark interest in horology.

It does a fair job of this, though some pieces still require a bit of previous knowledge to follow.

It’s arguably best-known for its “A Week on the Wrist” column, in which their writer ties out a fine timepiece for a week and then gives an in-depth review.

Although the watch blog has not covered every timepiece out there yet, the ones it does cover give great insight into what the piece is like and tend to be both fair and balanced.

It has been named one of the top websites by Time Magazine and has a whole host of other accolades too.

That being said, the company now sells timepieces too, so although they technically have some skin in the game, they appear to have maintained editorial integrity regardless.

You can check it out by visiting HODINKEE.com/latest.

2) Haute Time

Haute Time is a division of Haute Living, a luxury lifestyle magazine. Though Miami-based and founded in 2004, the term “haute” translates to “high” in French and is colloquially associated with high fashion.

The brand spans across all areas of luxury living, giving reviews on everything from jets to yachts, jewelry and supercars and interviews notable people, such as celebrities, businessmen, and entrepreneurs.

Content is divided by geographic region, spanning across all major US cities, from Miami through New York and Los Angeles.

Their watch blogs focus specifically on pieces starting at $10,000 and up, offering reviews, style guides, and interviews with industry icons.

Head to HauteTime.com to view it.

3) A Blog to Watch

A Blog to Watch takes a journalistic approach to the watchmaking industry. The Los Angeles company has been crafting watch blogs since 2007, with owner Ariel Adams routinely contributing to outside publications such as Forbes Magazine as well.

“Our hope isn’t that you agree with our opinions, but that if you understand the reasons for our opinions, you’ll be able to identify whether or not you agree with us,” the site says.

This mission is unique in that the pieces don’t try to “sell” anything, but rather, give a fair and balanced look at various watches, styles, what brands are doing, and more.

They’re also written in such a way that they can be followed by someone who is just getting into luxury timepieces, but also go in-depth enough that seasoned collectors will pick up new information too.

Whereas something like Haute Time is arguably more befitting of those who seek to live big lives, A Blog to Watch is suited for people from all walks of life who happen to be watch enthusiasts too.

To see it in action, visit ABlogToWatch.com.

4) Monochrome

Monochrome is a bit of an “accidental” watch blog. Founder Frank Geelen worked as a policy advisor for the minister of Infrastructure in the Netherlands when he got turned onto luxury timepieces.

Like many of us, he turned to the net to decode the language of watchmaking, trying to uncover the differences between different terms, movements, and various complications.

In 2006, he started jotting down his personal experiences for people to read, hoping to create a welcoming space that could break down the most complex concepts into bites anyone could understand.

The site performed so well that Geleen eventually quit his day job and was able to focus exclusively on his passion project.

It’s now one of the most-read watch blogs on the web with multiple contributors. Go to Monochrome-Watches.com to check it out.

5) Value Your Watch

Though a relative newcomer to the game, Value Your Watch offers a variety of reviews, guides, and special-interest pieces related to watchmaking, culture, and lifestyle.

It serves as a companion to the site’s marketplace which offers all types of watches as presented by watch enthusiasts around the world, plus offers better pricing and greater transparency than other offerings around the net.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already found this watch blog.

However, if you found this piece helpful and informative, head back to the main blog page to explore similar articles or check out the marketplace for a great deal on a quality timepiece.


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