5 Fantastic Summer Watch Straps


Summer is here, and that means that it is time to shake up your wardrobe and add a bit more flair to your look to celebrate the return of the warm sun, cool breezes and a relaxed look on your daily watches. By changing up the look of your timepieces, you are able to transform the way that you look and feel, giving you a way to still wear your beautiful watches but in a way that appeals to a more casual look. Below, you will find five unique watch straps that will encourage you to add some casual and semi-casual flair to your ensembles, allowing you all of the functionality of your handsome timepiece with the versatility of daily summer wear.

Perlon Straps

premium watchbandit perlon straps by heritageloupe

Premium WatchBandit perlon straps by heritageloupe

Available in a variety of fun, summery colors, Perlon watch straps are made out of Nylon 6, a polymer that is unlike any other watch strap material. Perlon is made of woven fibers that provide a strong, durable watch strap that is resistant to wear and tear along with any rips. These watch straps are the perfect choice for wearing to outdoor events and playing sports when the environment poses risks of the strap becoming caught on something and ripping; you won’t have that problem here.

NATO Straps

Beige Nato Strap | Rolex Submariner | Credit oslokiropraktoren

A WatchBandit Beige Nato Strap on a Rolex Submariner Credit oslokiropraktoren

NATO straps were originally made to outlast the hardships that British endured, traditionally made from an ultra durable and resilient nylon canvas material. Perfect for military watch strap styles, this strap collection is able to contour to the wrist to ensure your comfort while also being exceptionally lightweight and casual by design.

Zulu straps

zulu strap blue white 1 e1497512114984

Available in beautiful earthy, tones as well as vibrant seasonal hues, Zulu straps allow you a durable and comfortable way to give your summer watches a contemporary makeover. Offering both sturdiness and style, these watches are loved for their trendy, durable nature that is able to outlast even the most vigorous of activities.

Racing Straps

racing watch band oak leather strap watchbandit e1497512206715

Verging on formal, these striking German calfskin leather watch straps offer you the versatility needed to wear them with semi-formal or formal apparel. With their elegant perforation and their striking stainless steel buckles, these watch straps can add a classy look and are easy to attach and detach thanks to their included spring bars.

Mesh Straps

Mesh Strap WatchBandit 3 e1497512274284

If you want to steer away from standard leather or canvas watch straps, try out the mesh straps instead. These straps are made of polished 304 stainless steel that has been given a chained or woven appearance, perfect for adding sophistication to any summer look when you go out for drinks or dinner.

Whether you want to hold onto some of that more formal appeal as you dive into summer or are looking for a brand new and ultra casual way to rock your favorite timepieces, you will find the best selections here at WatchBandit. WatchBandit is a proud, authorized retailer of exquisite watch straps for any season of the year at affordable prices with the option of free shipping all across the globe.

The Full WatchBandit Watch Strap Collection

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