5 Things to consider when Deciding on your next luxury watch


Are you planning on buying a luxury watch?

The luxury watch world has a stunning number of brands and models to choose from which can make your next decision a difficult one to say the least. What makes a specific watch right for you? Since luxury watches aren’t cheap, you will want to make sure that you are confident you are purchasing a watch that will match your needs, and we have a short list of five things for you to look at to hopefully make your decision a little easier.

Decide on a Budget

Although this may seem obvious, it is easy to succumb to the desire to overstretch on a luxury watch. Some of these watches cost more than a million dollars, some of these watches are under a thousand. No matter what you do, set a budget and stick to it. This will not only keep your wallet safe, it will also help narrow down your search.

As mentioned earlier, there is no ceiling when it comes to luxury watches. They can be as expensive, or inexpensive as you wish them to be. When you have a committed budget, you will also be able to match to the brand that fits you better as well.

Study the Brand

The brand that makes your watch is without a doubt one of the most important parts of the decision. This is not necessarily from a status standpoint, but also brand heritage and prestige plays a part in how your luxury watch will treat you. History, design philosophy, models, are all a part of the timepiece you will wear.

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Different Watch Brands Have Different Styles

With all of the above said, I find it’s easier to identify the brands in the budget I set aside. If my budget is $1000, I don’t look at brands like Rolex or Audemars Piguet. There are people buying watches from a single brand. They will have a much easier task ahead of them than you will, but that’s ok. We are here for you and will help you along the way.

What Kind of Watch Do You Want?

If you can decide on a style of watch that appeals to you, you will have a second lens to filter your search through. There are two things to look at here; style and complications (features). Below is a list of the most common styles.

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Watch style

This list goes over some of the most common complications

What do you want from your luxury watch? Are you looking for something that just tells the time? Are you planning on wearing the watch every day or for special occasions? Are there specific functions you want in addition to telling the time?

If you only plan on wearing it for special occasions, perhaps go for the dress watch. If it’s an everyday watch, a casual watch will be perfect. Don’t let that stop you from getting what you want, however, since most watches will look good no matter what you wear.

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Consider the Materials

Watches of today are made from many different materials. It’s getting hard to keep track of the newest trends. The most common materials have always been, and still are gold and stainless steel. Now though we can include things like titanium, carbon fiber, ceramic, platinum, bronze, etc. Each watch comes with its own benefits and downsides.

Stainless steel watches are exceptionally popular for their looks, durability, and ease, but they are heavy. Gold watches are very heavy things, but they are gold which is a very soft material and scratch easy. Titanium is exceptionally hard and light, but the finish is duller than other metals. Bronze watches are unique and their patina shows with green coming through as it oxidizes which is either good or bad. Ceramic watches are lightweight and scratch resistant but can chip easy. Cost wise, stainless steel is the least expensive, while platinum is the most.

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Consider the Movement

The charm of the wristwatch is the movement, especially when it comes to mechanical watches. There are over 100 parts in the average automatic movement and it’s truly fascinating how these watches keep the time so perfectly.

Quartz watches are generally cheap things that are disposable, and not really something we generally consider with few exceptions. The real question is if you are going to buy a manual or self winding movement. For watches that are worn all the time, your movement will automatically wind your watch. There is something to be said however with a manual wind watch. The act of winding can be spiritual to some people. Many watches offer exhibition case backs so you can admire the inner workings. It’s personal preference, there’s no right or wrong.

The second part of movement choice is between off the shelf and in house movements. There are two major watch movement makers who supply to many different brands. There are brands that make not only the watch but the movement in house. There are benefits to both, including value, durability and ease of service. Some of the in house movements will require more expensive service and stop working properly more often, but there is prestige behind a brand considered a manufacture which increases watch value a lot. There is no wrong answer, just a correct one for you.

Buy From Trusted Sources

When buying a luxury watch, make sure you are diligent when deciding where to make the purchase. Make sure you buy from a reputable source, one that will be honest and transparent with what they are buying and point out any flaws. Look at a seller’s reviews and reputation online.


Hopefully we helped you get a start in your journey towards your next luxury watch. With so many to choose from, it can seem overwhelming. It’s easy to have a list that reaches stratospheric levels, but remember to start somewhere, start with a budget, and your collection will grow better.

This article was written by Millenary Watches, a user of Value Your Watch Marketplace, as well as a seller of pre owned and new luxury timepieces from some of the most iconic manufacturers in the world.


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