Aegir Watches: At Home On Land and in the Water


It seems that often the most functional watches are more like machines than fashion accessories. Built for performance, these timepieces are able to take on difficult terrains and harsh conditions while still reliably tracking the time, yet they aren’t suited for making a stylish impression for everyday dress. Aegir Watches is a unique collection of timepieces that performs exceptionally well while still making an exceptional fashion statement.

Aegir Watches were created by a professional diver who spent years working in the oil and gas industry. Over that time, he discovered what so many other men have–that the watches that were suitable for the water just weren’t ideal to wear for dressy occasions on land. Because he was unable to find a watch that met his standards, he built one himself. Fellow divers began requesting their own, and by 2010, he had launched his own company to sell watches to the public.

All Aegir Watches are manufacured the traditional way in Switzerland and Germany using primarily German and Swiss made components. Luxurious leather straps for the watches are hand made in the United Kingdom, and each timepiece is carefully crafted to ensure that it is fully waterproof for diving.

Aegir Watches are sold directly from the manufacturer at the brand’s official online store. The timepieces typically retail for $1200 to $2000. Due to their hand craftsmanship, the watches are made in limited quantities, and it’s not uncommon for them to sell out.

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