All You Need To Know About Hublot Watches

1695226739 All You Need To Know About Hublot Watches

As one of the most popular luxury timepiece brands in the entire world, Hublot sprung onto the scene back in 1980 when its founder, Carlo Crocco, left his job at The Binda Group to set out on a mission to create his own luxury timepiece brand. He decided to leave his home country of Italy to the mecca of watchmaking: Switzerland. Once he set up shop in his new country, he created a new company called MDM Geneve and designed a revolutionary new timepiece that he called Hublot. The name derived from a French word called “Porthole”, which can translate to bulls-eye. The first timepiece Crocco created became the first luxury timepiece in the world to be made on a natural rubber strap, which took over 3 years of research to perfect. While Hublot’s first day was a flop where they couldn’t sell even a single watch at the Basel Watch Fair, their brand recovered and ended up becoming a hit and cleared over $2 million in revenue its first year. Fast forward to today, Hublot has become a favorite among enthusiasts due to its powerful wrist presence and innovative modern designs. In this article, we will break down the different types of Hublot models and the price points you will be looking at with each model. 

Hublot Big Bang

First off, we will focus on the Hublot signature model that really put them on the map, which is the Hublot Big Bang Original. This is Hublot’s flagship model and really struck a chord with enthusiasts with its large designs. If you’re going to buy a Hublot, I recommend getting the 44 millimeters, because anything smaller than that is going to look weird as the Big Bang was designed to have a powerful wrist presence, something hard to do with a watch with a smaller casing such as a 41 millimeter or 42 millimeter. In terms of price, usually with these models you’re gonna be looking at around $10k-$20k depending on the specific reference number of the model you’re buying. The color combos that look really good for these models are rose gold with the black carbon dial, rose gold with blue dial, original black magic, and the original steel ceramic with the carbon dial. 

Hublot Big Bang Aero

Next, we will go over another variation of the Hublot Big Bang, which is the Hublot Big Bang Aero series. Whenever you see the word “Aero”, all that means is that a specific Hublot model comes with what’s called a skeleton dial, which basically just means that the dial is open so the inner movements can be seen. Nowadays skeleton dials are VERY popular and highly desired by enthusiasts and collectors, so these types of timepieces will bring a premium. Due to the rise in the extreme desirability of the skeleton dial, Hublot has come out with many different types of Aero series, so it can be overwhelming to a beginner to know which models would be the best to get started with. For starters, some of the common Aero models with skeleton dials that Hublot makes are:  the Big Bang Aero Bang, the Aero Fusion, and the Classic Fusion Aerofusion. The good news is, if you’re shopping for a Hublot, pretty much any of these models will bring incredible value, especially for the money. Many people in the watch industry like to compare the skeleton dials of Hublot to the skeleton dials of Richard Mille, some even call it a “poor man’s Richard Mille”. Considering Richard Mille is now arguably the most prestigious timepiece brand in the world right now if you’re judging based on desirability, rareness, and how much of a premium it’s timepieces bring on the secondary market, that’s a HUGE compliment for Hublot.  

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Hublot Watches For Sale

Hublot Classic Fusion

To continue, now we’ll focus on the Hublot models for those of us who are balling on a budget, which is going to be the Hublot Classic Fusion. Now in the beginning we talked about how we want to focus on 44 millimeter casing when we’re talking about Hublot because that’s the size that will look best for the design most of the time and is the most popular overall. However, when it comes to the classic fusion, it is okay to veer from that rule a bit because Hublot designs many of their Classic Fusion to look good on the smaller 42 millimeter casing. When it comes to pricing, the Classic Fusion can usually be picked up for around $5k give or take on the used market, so in that regard it’s much cheaper than a Big Bang. One thing to watch out with Classic Fusion’s is some of the models come with a quartz movement, which is a garbage movement that uses a battery instead of the craftsmanship of an automatic, so make sure if you’re looking at a Classic Fusion to always look at the type of movement it uses. Many of the really cheap listings you see online are quartz movements, so buyer beware. When it comes to the color combos that look the best and tend to be popular with the Classic Fusion, you should opt for either yellow gold or titanium casing, although if you’re really looking to keep the price low titanium is obviously going to be a lot cheaper than yellow gold. As for the dial colors to go with a titanium casing: the blue, black magic, and white dials will tend to be the most desired. 

Hublot Bigger Bang Rose Gold tourbillon

Finally, we will discuss the high-end tourbillon movements of Hublot. For those who aren’t super familiar with tourbillon movements, it is a mechanism that constantly rotates the balance wheel, balance spring and escapement while the movement is running. This is done to counter the effect of Earth’s gravity on the isochronal properties of the balance wheel and spring. So essential it’s a highly specialized movement that winds itself and defies gravity, which is crazy when you think about it. Nonetheless, a movement as incredible as this brings a HUGE premium, so it’s really out of touch of most watch enthusiasts who are playing with less than $50k-$100k. One thing that is VERY important to note about tourbillon Hublots is that they do NOT hold their value when bought new. In fact, the Hublot Bigger Bang Rose Gold tourbillon has an MSRP of over $100k, yet only traders for about $75k on the used market. So if you must have a tourbillon Hublot (which I wouldn’t recommend as you get better timepieces at that dollar), make sure to buy it used from a reputable source. 

Hublot Bigger Bang Tourbillon Rose Gold Limited Edition of 18 - 308.PX.130.RX

To conclude, we took a deep dive into the Hublot brand. We discussed the history, the models, and the price points of the different models and movements that Hublot offers. As one of the top timepiece brands in the world, you are now armed with the knowledge to go out and buy the right model at the right price.  


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