ANCON Watches: Inspired by Military Excellence


Modern warfare has come a long way since the days when soldiers lined up neatly in rows on battlefields and used cannons to wage war on the sea. Technology and engineering have led to impressive developments in military vessels that have actually made the world a more peaceful place due to their formidable might. Just like military engineering, watchmaking has evolved rapidly in recent years, and one brand, ANCON, is using their research and development to make watches that pay tribute to some of the most advanced maritime vessels to sail the high seas.

ANCON sea shadow iii

Inspired by naval history, ANCON watches is known for their Sea Shadow lines, all of which were inspired by the ANCON AGC-4 Amphibious Force Command Ship. Powering the watches are highly accurate Miyota Japanese movements that the designers at ANCON believe rival the reliability of the power that allows the AGC-4 to navigate the ocean waters. Sapphire glass faces make the watches rugged and durable like the warships, and the Super Luminova technology that illuminates the faces corresponds to the sophisticated instruments that make the AGC-4 a force to be reckoned with. Sleek and stylish, the watches come with handmade straps produced in Italy.

ANCON sea shadow iii 1 1

ANCON watches are sold by fine retailers around the world as well as through the brand’s official online store. Despite their impressive features, the watches are remarkably low in price, typically retailing for less than $1000. Shipping is free to the US, Canada and Asia, and all of the watches are available in an array of colours.

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