Anonimo watches celebrates its 20th anniversary


While there are micro brands evolving with aesthetically pleasing designs, it is indeed a rare occasion to find an established company that has been around for decades–one that has changed with the times to meet contemporary needs while retaining their history. ANONIMO is unique because it does just that by combining ever-changing technology with style and elegance.

ANONIMO watches has its roots in Florentine, Italy, dating back to 1997. Since then, they have consistently provided watches that meet military standards with their excellence. ANONIMO has continued to change as the needs of the military evolved as well. Through equipping many branches of the military with these sturdy timepieces, they have been able to learn and create their watches on their growing knowledge. This allows those who wear ANONIMO’s designs to enjoy water resistance and protection along with the valuable trait of compactness.

Driven by the desire to bring back to life the Florentine watch industry after the sale and departure of Officine Panerai, Federico Massacesi, formerly of Ferragamo, leant on the craftsmanship of the Ambucchi workshop, casemakers since 1939, to found Anonimo. The two collaborators shared the same passion, and the same creative sensibilities, for refined Italian timepieces. Helped by Colonel Dr. Dino Zei, ex-Italian navy officer and former CEO of Panerai, the collaboration was not slow in bearing fruit, thanks to innovation and the technical expertise of each member. In 2013, ANONIMO was taken over by European investors. Since the brand‘s watches had always been driven by Swiss movements, the production was moved to Switzerland; however, the main mission became to retain the closest possible links with the company’s Italian origins. The result brought together the stunning appeal of Italian elegance and Swiss watchmaking excellence.

ANONIMO watches are proudly sold by many retailers worldwide. Even with their rich history and excellent quality, these watches typically sell for less than $5,000 and are shipped all over the world. Men can find their full, robust collection on the ANONIMO online website.

Important Anonimo Dates

  • 1997: Founding of ANONIMO SpA, in Florence, Italy.
  • 1998: Presentation of the « Millemetri » at Vicenzaoro, the most important exhibition for
  • Italian watchmakers and jewellers. This model has an automatic movement like all it
  • future stablemates, and is water resistant to 1000 metres, as its Italian name suggests.
  • Two models are ‘tested’ by the CNS (Cooperative Nazionale Sommazzatori) succeeding
  • to a depth of 2100m during their GEOSTAR project, (research into oceanographic
  • geophysics), off the Sicilian coast in October 2002.
  • 2001: Creation of the Militare model, recognisable by its crown positioned at 06 hours,
  • patent filed.
  • 2005: Presentation of the « Dino Zei » line and its first model: Nemo.
  • 2006: Dino Zei develops the first Nautilo watch.
  • Appearance of Polluce model as a tribute the ANONIMO watches used by the
  • professional divers who saved the treasures from the boat of the same name,
  • shipwrecked in 1841.
  • 2007: “10 ANNI” Special editions, including the Marlin, with its 55mm diameter.
  • 2009: The structure evolves further with Firenze Orologi and international distribution.
  • 2012: To mark the brand’s 15th anniversary, Dino Zei brings out a book, limited to 800 copies.
  • 2013: The brand moves to Switzerland and is renamed ANONIMO SA.
  • 2015: Presentation of the new collection with the Militare and Nautilo lines.
  • 2017: ANONIMO celebrates 20 years.

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