Any Time’s The Believer


With the abundance of minimalist watches saturating the timepiece market, one company has set out to add more complex and intricate watches to the mix, and that company is Any Time. The watch they are introducing to the market is called The Believer. The Believer instills the belief in the wearer that “less” is boring, while “more” is exciting. Due to the complex designs of their watches, they hope to appeal to those who love unique watches that are not stripped down to their bare basics.

Any Time’s The Believer watch features a case that is made out of CNC finished 316L grade stainless steel. These cases come in a variety of colors including silver, blue, rose gold and black. The dials feature large, readable numerals and are complex in design with other indices on its face. These cases measure 47 millimeters in diameter and are 14 millimeters thick, making for ultra large and robust watches. Protecting the dials on these watches is a scratchproof sapphire crystal that stops any sort of damage from harming the dials. The movement is a Japanese Miyota OS2A movement that keeps the time reliably and accurately. The strap is rubber and features a stainless steel jewel design.

Any Time’s The Believer watch has gone live on the crowdsourcing site, Kickstarter, on August 16th, 2017. At the time of writing, they have raised $16,768 of their $25,581 goal with 21 days left to go. A minimum pledge of around $153 USD can get you an early bird special on Any Time’s The Believer watch when it is fully funded and manufactured.



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