Apeks Watches: Made By Divers for Divers


Scuba divers have very unique needs when it comes to timepieces, and many men who love to dive struggle to find watches that are able to deliver the level of performance and key features that they require. For these men, Apeks watches is sure to have a solution. The UK-based watch manufacturer specializes in diving watches that are made with the real needs of divers in mind to offer convenience, reliability and style in every design.

Founded in the 1970s, Apeks is a manufacturer of scuba diving equipment and has become a one-stop shop for high-end diving gear. The company was founded by a pair of divers from the UK who were trained as engineers. You can see the fact that the founders are experienced divers reflected in every diving watch produced by Apeks, as the watches are designed to be not just water resistant, but also easy to use in marine environments. Every watch is depth tested for performance, ensuring that the timepieces will keep out water effectively and last through many, many years of dives.

Every Apeks watch is available for purchase through authorized stockists located in the UK and beyond. Despite their incredible functionality, Apeks watches are very economical. Starting prices are around just £85 with the most expensive models in their collection selling for less than £150. As a result, Apeks watches are accessible for all divers who are looking for fashionable, functional watches for their diving kits.

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