Archimede Watches: German Precision in Timekeeping


With new watch brands seeming to pop up and then quickly disappear from the limelight on a continuous basis, it’s impressive to see a watch brand that’s been able to sustain success for decades. Archimede is a watchmaker that has continued to excel at the art of producing highly quality timepieces for more than 90 years, making it a brand that men can trust to deliver style and quality.

The secret to the success of Archimede is the brand’s commitment to designing and producing their watches only in Germany. While other brands have started to outsource manufacturing to reduce costs in recent years, Archimede continues to make their watches at their own factory in Pforzheim, Germany. This has allowed the brand to maintain a very high level of quality over the years, while keeping the timepieces of their watches competitive.

In the Archimede collection, you’ll find both automatic and hand-wound watches. The brand offers Pilot watches, marine watches, dress watches and sport utility watches with each of their many lines including a wide range of colors and styles to suit the tastes and needs of modern men. Limited edition watches are made available from time to time as well.

Archimede watches are all available for purchase directly from the manufacturer at their official online store. Prices for watches start at around 750€ with the most expensive models retailing for 2000€ to 2500€. The store provides worldwide shipping and sells a variety of accessories for all of their timepieces.

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