Armare Watches: Mathematically and Meticulously Designed


Armare Watches began with a passion for timepieces born at a very young age when the creator was gifted with a transparent watch from Switzerland. Much time was spent making watches as a hobby, with the creator of Armare Watches buying spare parts and putting some watches together for fun. Wanting to take things a bit further, Armare Watches was invented as a way to create watches that were true to their vision.

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Armare Watches takes true inspiration from the natural world, something that is scarcely seen in the watchmaking industry. Symmetrical, clean lines are implemented into their watches, taking cues from the golden ratio of the Fibonacci sequence to create the exclusive Armare pattern on their watches. Featuring a minimalist silhouette posed against modern classic features, Armare Watches believes that details make the design, and that is what you will find with Armare timepieces.

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The initial collection from Armare Watches includes four unique models, ranging between 28 millimeters to 41 millimeters in diameter that are suitable for women and men alike. Each watch boasts a Swiss-made movement, scratch and glare-resistant, domed sapphire glass, and hand applied, hand polished markers resting atop a ceramic dial, all housed inside of a 316L stainless steel case.

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Armare Watches are expected to retail for 265$ to $1,000 and each will include a 10-year guaranteed battery life. A two-year warranty protects the components inside of each of the watches in their limited edition lines in which one style will be released each year.

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