Athaya Vintage: Retro Watches Made Today


Vintage watches never really go out of style, but today, the interest in retro timepieces is greater than ever. With many men now hoping to find vintage watches in excellent condition to add to their collections, prices for authentic vintage timepieces can be steep. Athaya Vintage watches treat men to all the style of vintage watches but with modern price tags that are far more affordable, making this micro brand an up-and-coming name among horophiles.

Athaya Vintage was founded by a man whose love for watches started in childhood. In 2010, he became involved with many watch forums and began experimenting with building his own watches. That led to rebuilding and modding vintage timepieces and then producing custom parts. By 2011, he had established a business selling his watch parts. Ultimately, founder Adrian began fabricating watches himself, launching Athaya Vintage in 2014.

All of the Athaya Vintage watches reflect vintage design sensibilities. Styles include pilot and diver designs and are powered by hacked Japanese movements. Sandblasted and brushed stainless steel cases add to the aged look of the watches, and the timepieces are handcrafted for a level of quality that’s uncommon for watches of similar price.

The entire Athaya Vintage watch collection is available to shop at the brand’s official website. The watches sell for around $300 to $400. Most are produced in limited runs, so stock is limited. The brand will ship watches to locations all over the world and offers pre-orders when new styles are introduced.

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