Avel & Men Watch Accessories: For the Sailor at Heart


Avel & Men is an accessory company born out of a passion for sailing. Being sailors themselves, the creators have a deep understanding of what it’s like to live and breathe the salty air out on the sea, and they know the types of belongings that any sailor needs, whether they are taking a leisurely venture out onto the waters or heading out for their next regatta. Unlike some other companies who simply have an aesthetic in mind when creating their accessories, the Avel & Men family business has kept both the visual beauty and the practicality of their products in mind.

Avel & Men create striking watch accessories that aim to keep your beloved timepieces safe, whether you are a sailor out on the open sea yourself or simply are an enthusiast for all things nautical and nautical inspired. Their watch cases are made from the finest quality full grain Italian leather that is luxurious and beautiful. Available in a number of striking colors, these cases feature a padded lining and a leather loop that holds your watch safely and securely inside.

WatchBandit is thrilled to have the chance to become an authorized retailer of Avel & Men watch accessories. These striking cases and other accessories are now available for sale through our site at the most competitive prices that you will find anywhere on the web. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to become a proud owner of these Avel & Men watch accessories.

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