Burtley & Baines: Power Meets Elegance


Can a luxury watch still be bold? Is it possible to find a timepiece that reflects your individuality but still looks sophisticated for dressy occasions and wearing to the office? The designers behind Burtley & Baines were starting to think that in order to make a powerful fashion statement they had to give up a professional image and sacrifice luxury. Certain that there had to be a better way to design watches for the modern man, they started Burtley & Baines to change the face of contemporary watches.

Burtley Baines

The logo for Burtley & Baines is a lion wearing a crown, and the symbol was carefully chosen to reflect the brand identity. Like the lion, Burtley & Baines are powerfully designed to turn heads and impress everyone who sees them. At the same time, the watches are noble and suitable for showing off any executive’s wrist. Best of all, Burtley & Baines has managed to create an exceptional timepiece for an affordable price, allowing men to enjoy luxury watches without luxury price tags.

To see all of the timepieces currently available in the Burtley & Baines collection, visit the brand’s online store. Their luxurious watches start at a low price point of around $155, and they are available in an array of different finishes and with NATO canvas, leather, suede and metal chain strap designs. Replacement straps are also available for changing up the appearance of the designer watches. Plus, our straps at WatchBandit fit their timepiece designs.

Burtley Baines 3

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