Buying and Selling Watches Online is EASY!


Selling watches online has become extremely easy and convenient. As you may already know, there are a number of platforms to perform this seemingly simple task, however the more you dig in, you realize how tricky it can become. Oftentimes there are rules on top of rules. This is why I wanted to create Value Your Watch. I wanted to make it even better for people to buy and sell watches. Why wouldn’t anyone want a platform where you can sell watches for the most money, and have customers come directly to you? I will talk to you about the vision I had when I decided to create my beloved Value Your Watch marketplace.

I wasn’t too happy with the way buyers and sellers were being treated by these large marketplaces. It only makes sense for a platform to benefit the buyers and the sellers. Don’t get me wrong, these are some great platforms, but whether buying or selling I feel like we should have more control over the transaction.

This platform right here was created with both the buyer and the seller in mind. It was designed to be simple and transparent, without the added fees you get on other sites. When you make the decision to buy or sell a watch online, it is highly beneficial to understand both sides of this equation. The fact that there are no fees means the best price for the buyer and the most money for the seller. Here, we also have the benefit of not masking the seller’s information, so if you decide to make a deal off the platform, no one will be penalized for it, and you can truly build a professional relationship that can last a lifetime.

The Seller’s Experience on Value Your Watch

The Dashboard

When selling on Value Your Watch, you are in control. The dashboard has many essential functions from a general overview to the ability to generate coupon codes (help you get that repeat business.) The dashboard allows you to check your reviews and ratings, as well as quickly and easily remove or edit your listings. In addition to the intuitive dashboard, the support is some of the best you will encounter, although the need to contact support will be exceptionally rare.

If Stripe is integrated, they will charge a nominal fee to process credit card transactions. This fee is 2.9%+.30

The Fee Structure

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Looking at the chart above, you may be thinking the fees are high for all of the options. I decided that I don’t want to collect fees when someone sells their watch on my site. Instead, I deemed it better to have a subscription. This way, no matter how many watches someone sells, their monthly fee is already paid for and everything else is pure money in hand. With the option to pay the year in full, you are able to save almost 15% on the fees. There is no maximum to the number of watches you are able to sell, only the number of watches you can list for sale at once. The one fee we aren’t able to control is credit card processing. This is entirely optional, but if you choose to accept credit cards, you can sign up with Stripe, and integrate it with your account. Stripe fees are very nominal, the normal 2.9% + $0.30. Keep in mind, you decide which payment methods you wish to accept. I highly recommend using bank wire for the sellers to make sure they minimize the potential risk of losing money.

Platform Usage

Having the ability to deal with customers directly instead of through Value Your Watch allows you to keep more of YOUR money. I understand that not everyone wants to pay with a credit card. Some people prefer to pay cash, or for larger purchases wire directly from their bank. On my marketplace, this is perfectly acceptable, and I will not be hunting for fees when the purchase is made. The sellers are the ones doing all the work anyways. Why should I be charging a fee when all I do is provide the platform? The sellers here can think of this as their own personal mall, and they are just renting the storefront from me.

Know the Value of Your Watch

If you never sold a watch online, you may not know how much your watch is even worth. Fortunately the blogs have the information you need to educate yourself. Once your education is complete, I came up with the idea to offer you two methods of turning your watch into cash. The most obvious way is to set up your own selling account. It is COMPLETELY free and you have all the flexibility you need to sell your piece.

If, however, you want to make the process even easier, you have the option of filling out a simple form, and one of the many trusted sellers will get back to you with a quick easy cash deal. In every way, I have tried to make the process as easy as possible.

Mobile Friendly

While I was designing this site, I always had the mindset of making it mobile friendly. If you are like me, you spend hundreds of hours on your cell phone each month. Because of the simplicity of the design, it is fast and straightforward, and it works just as well on your phone as on your computer. You can create any listing right from the palm of your hand. The computer is entirely optional. In the future there will most likely be an app for Value Your Watch. In the meantime, rest assured that no matter what device you are using, Value Your Watch will work.

Test My Platform Free

If you still aren’t sure, or if you are just trying to sell one watch, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of the free membership. It’s set up to where you still have full platform access. Email support is still available, and the only selling restriction is one listing at a time. Once you realize how easy and convenient it is to sell, you can choose to upgrade your subscription at any time. It is also exceptionally easy to cancel your subscription should you so choose.


One thing I pride myself on is service. It’s how I’ve put myself in this position. No matter what type of subscription you have, support is easy and accessible. If you do take advantage of our paid subscriptions, I offer phone support as well. It is my mission to keep this platform at the top of the list when it comes to selling as well as buying watches online.


I know that to sell a watch I need to have people see the watches for sale. That’s why the paying subscribers get extra exposure by having the platform advertise their watches on google shopping. We use SEO to ensure your listing gets maximum exposure.  No matter what you are selling, Google is used quite heavily by those who are looking for the best deals. We also send a weekly newsletter to our newsletter subscribers. These clients get a weekly digest to see every new watch listed for sale. Another perk for the monthly subscribers is that my team creates YouTube videos of your listings as well as advertise on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Buyer’s Experience on Value Your Watch


I am so excited to report that sellers here take great pride in their profiles. You have access to any information they want to give you. You can connect with them on their various social media, or if they give you the option, by phone as well. I do understand that buying expensive watches online can be a stressful endeavor, especially if you have no idea who you are dealing with. On my platform, my goal was to make it easy for buyers and sellers to truly connect and make the process simple and transparent.


As you have probably figured out by now, there are no fees to use Value Your Watch. You as the buyer will know that you are not going to get hit with unexpected costs associated with your purchase, and the price you agreed to pay is the price you will pay. The only exception is that the watch dealers will have to charge you a state tax if you are located in the same state. Buying watches online never been simpler.


As with any up and coming service, feedback is very much appreciated. The more feedback I receive from you, the community, the faster Value Your Watch will evolve. This will allow more people to experience the benefits of keeping more of their money and saving more of their time. Let me help you keep on selling and buying watches online.

This blog was written by Honza Hroch, the founder of Value Your Watch marketplace. He started the journey of watch trading when he found Watch Trading Academy.

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