Ceccacci Watches: Timeless Italian Artistry


Oftentimes in the watchmaking industry, watchmakers go for a modern design that will keep up with the times, no matter what new trends come and go. So often do they do this that they neglect to take into account that all of the fine watchmaking of the past is still trendy and beautiful, lending a certain classic appeal with a modern twist that never goes out of style. CECCACCI watches remember how stunning classic timepieces can be and incorporate that into every watch they create, giving their timepieces an invigorating breath of life.

Born from the passion of Sir Giovanni Ceccacci, the first few watches he produced were during the African colonial wars where he crafted special watches for the Ethiopian emperor at the time as well as his queen. A few watches were made before that and were done privately for private citizens. In 1897, he created his own watchmaking shop, and by the early 1900s, CECCACCI was creating tower clocks, some of which can still be seen today in Italy, along with pocket watches with his own brand.

Over 100 years later, CECCACCI watches are back and better than ever. With the addition of a new collection of quartz, automatic and mechanical watches unveiled at the Expo 2015 in Milan, CECCACCI watches have made their comeback. With over a century of timepiece mastery under their belts, CECCACCI has become one of Italy’s oldest watchmaking stores, as well as one of their most trusted.

CECCACCI watches are available in their shops in Italy as well as their website. To get a quote on their watches which come with free shipping, please visit their site.

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