CIRCULR Watches: Modern, Affordable Watches for Everyone


Operating upon the belief that every person deserves to own a fabulous collection of watches, CIRCULR was born. This watchmaking company knows what it takes to strip down their watches to the bare minimum without sacrificing their incredible style. Unlike other watch brands, CIRCULR sees no point in adding in unnecessary details that only cause insane prices; instead, they offer stylish, simplistic timepieces that do just that: tell the time.

CIRCULAR has removed any extras that might cause hikes in price, believing aspects such as a 10,000 meter water resistance to be unnecessary for the general public. Things like the date indicators have been removed as well, as that information can be gathered from looking at your cell phone. With this modern, simplified collection of watches, the prices become so affordable that you could purchase one a month if desired to build your own stunning collection.

The timepieces in the CIRCULR collection are all unique and striking in their own ways. They feature a reliable and accurate Japanese Quartz Movement that is housed inside of ultra durable and sleek 316L stainless steel. A hardened mineral glass protects the striking dials inside of the case, and the entire watch can withstand a modest 3ATM water resistance level.

After successful funding on the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, CIRCULR watches can now be purchased freely on their website. With these spectacular watches comes free shipping that is available to you when you place an order on their site of over $99 dollars.

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