Coen Anders Watches: Inspired by the Fashions of Tomorrow


Art imitates life, as they say. With watchmakers popping up everywhere you turn, it would seem that there would be plenty of options for timepieces that allow you to work the watches into each of your many outfits. Often you might find that some watches just do not work well with certain choices of clothing and either have to forgo the outfit or the watch–neither things that you’d like to do. Coen Anders watches seek to change that mindset. They create fashion forward timepieces that complete any look, anywhere, anytime.

Inspired by the ever growing fashion industry, Coen Anders takes its cues from what is currently hot and trendy in order to make sure that your looks complement your elegant watch and vice versa. With their finger on the pulse of modern trends and a contemporary lifestyle, Coen Anders watches are stylish and easily keep up with the times.

With a keen eye on the runway, Coen Anders delivers durable, beautiful and extremely versatile watches that flow seamlessly with any outfit. They come with four dial case options including gold and silver as well as interchangeable straps made from your choice of calf leather, suede leather and nylon NATO. They focus on proportions that are streamlined, lines that are clean and sharp, stunning textures that lend incredible results, and subtle details that make their watches perfect for a night on the town or a relaxing summer day at the beach.

Coen Anders watches are now available on kickstarter, but be fast as the early bird deals are almost gone.

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