Cursus Victus CMXI Watch: Inspired by 70s Sports Cars


Modern sports cars may turn heads, but there is something about the retro styling of classic models of the 70s that makes you look at them just a little longer. That vintage style has caught the attention of the talented group of designers at the Norwegian brand Cursus Victus, who have incorporated it into their sleek new watch, the CMXI.

The inspiration of 1970s sport car design is visible in many aspects of the Cursus Victus CMXI Watch, including:

– Single-hand timekeeping. Instead of the usual two-hand motion, the Cursus Victus CMXI Watch tells time the way that a speedometer tracks speed–with just one hand. It gives the watch a sporty, distinct style without limiting its ability to be easily read.

– Perforated Leather Strap. Two rows of holes run along the strap, bringing to mind the look of racing glove.

– Dial and Case Design. The top dial of the Cursus Victus CMXI Watch moves behind the main dial in the same way that vintage gas and oil gauges do.

– Latin Inscription. Written along the edge of the watch is a Latin inscription that means, “Even a god finds it hard to love and be reasonable at the same time,” a reference to how much vintage car enthusiasts are willing to invest in their vehicles.

The Cursus Victus CMXI Watch is being introduced directly to watch fans through Kickstarter. With 5 days left to go in the campaign at the time this piece was written, the brand had managed to receive more than $60,000 in pledges against a goal of $27,815. There were still many rewards left to claim, and watches are expected to ship in January 2017.


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