Double Yarn Perlon Straps by WatchBandit


Collecting timepieces is an age-old practice that has been about since the first pocket watches were created. Over time, these timepieces have developed, but their vintage appeal has not been left behind in the ages. Instead, vintage watches and their straps are still making their rounds today with modern-day watch enthusiasts, and the Double Yarn Perlon Straps are helping to usher in more vintage looks to the market.

The Double Yarn Perlon Straps are thick watch straps that are crafted out of durable yarn material. This material has been used in a variety of professions for those wearing watches, including law enforcement, military personnel and athletes. The Double Yarn Perlon Straps are just as strong. They are ultra soft to the touch and do not irritate the skin. The straps feature a wide buckle that makes them simple to adjust onto the wrist. You can get these Double Yarn Perlon Straps in several different colors to match any of your timepieces and express your personality. Colors include both navy and midnight blue, black, green, light and dark grey, brown and red.

You can find the Double Yarn Perlon Straps at Watch Bandit. Each one comes at an affordable, fixed price of only € 12, making it easy for you to buy enough to have one for each day of the week. Shipping is free if your order amounts to more than € 99 and purchases can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

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