El Presidente by Pocavi: A Lincoln Inspired Timepiece


When looking for a new watch to add to your beautiful collection, often you will find timepieces that try too hard to be avant-garde and modern, or will be so stuck in the past that nothing you wear seems to look good with it. You find yourself wanting a mixture of both a modern look that is fashionable and sleek while also having the characteristic of a classic watch steeped in history. Look no further than the El Presidente by Pocavi.

This watch was created from the best inspiration of all–a rich history and a telling story. Pocavi creators came across an old pocket watch that belonged to the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. Upon hearing the story of this watch and how it came to be, they were inspired to create their own watch that resembled that of the former president while retaining timeless appeal that never goes out of fashion. At the intersection of class and modernism meets El Presidente, a timepiece that honors the great America hero.

Available in three colors, the El Presidente is cased in 316L stainless steel, powered by an automatic movement and wraps around your wrist with sturdy, genuine leather. View it all through the gorgeous sapphire crystal dial to complete the look. It took the creators 13 months to come up with this design, as they did not want it looking like every other minimalist watch on the market. Their hard work and dedication shows through with great ease.

El Presidente by Pocavi is currently being promoted on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website. As of the time of writing, $81,181 of their $50,000 goal has been met, and there are still 16 days to go. By backing the project at the appropriate $449 level, you are preordering your very first El Presidente timepiece.

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