Eldon Watches: For the Adventurer in You


The world is an ever-changing space, full of fast-paced, moment-to-moment evolutions that shape our very existence. From the mundane to the extraordinary, there is no doubt that our lives shift from hour to hour–sometimes minute to minute. Some watchmakers enjoy keeping to the ways of old, certain that the best course of action is to, well, stay the course. For those who willingly leap into the arms of opportunity; for those who embrace the change and the motions of life, Eldon Watches is for you.

Eldon Watches strives to create a watch that can adapt as quickly as you can. They want to change the way the world perceives and wears watches, and they know that shift in attitude will ultimately come from those who wear their beautiful timepieces. Their aim is to create the highest quality, most adaptive watches on the planet.

Their first watch was created under the belief that a timepiece should be brought to life by those intent on wearing it. This is where they got the idea for making their watches fully interchangeable. Designed to be unique, the shape of the case is made to stand out no matter the occasion.

Having become partners with a top watch manufacturer who has been in the industry for more than 25 years, each and every part that goes into a timepiece is done so under the keenest eye of an expert in order to achieve the highest quality possible. This ensures that the dimensions are accurate and the style is flawless. Each Eldon watch comes with an incredibly accurate Swiss quartz movement and a stainless steel dial along with leather straps that are interchangeable.

Eldon Watches is bringing their dream into reality by using crowdfunding through Kickstarter. At the time of writing, they have reached $4,438 of their $12, 518 goal with 16 days remaining for pledges. A pledge of $104 USD or more earns you a Minimalist Ocean Watch. For more information, please visit their Kickstarter page.

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