Eulit Taurus Classic Watch Straps


There is something to be said about leather watch straps. They embody classic watches and styles, and there is virtually no watch that they do not look good attached to. Leather watch straps have been the leading choice in straps for watch collectors for decades, but they are usually limited to basic colours such as brown and black. Eulit Taurus watch straps have set out to change this. These straps come in a variety of colours with no frills added to ensure a sophisticated leather watch strap that can express your personality.

The Eulit Taurus watch straps come in colours such as black, blue, dark brown and light brown. They also come in more modern colours like green, burgundy, white and gray. Regardless of the strap that you choose, these straps measure a total of 19.4 centimeters in length and only four millimeters in width. Each one is made out of ultra-soft calf leather that not only looks smooth and shiny but is also comfortable and will not irritate the skin. A stainless steel buckle and easy release spring bars make changing out the straps a breeze. These buckles are two millimeters less in size than the spring bars.

You can find the perfect Eulit Taurus watch straps right here at WatchBandit. These straps are priced fairly at 25 euros, and they come with free worldwide shipping when your cart reaches 99€.

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