Eulit Vintage Racing Watch Straps Now Available At WATCHBANDIT


Hoping to add a little more diversity to the current watch strap market, Eulit has released their line of vintage racing straps to revitalize the selection of straps that watch owners have to work with. The Eulit Vintage Racing Watch Straps offer timepiece enthusiasts to change up their selection of casual watch straps with a leather option that is every bit as ornate as their timepieces truly are.

These Eulit Vintage Racing Watch Straps are made first and foremost out of high-quality leather. The leather is crafted to be ultra soft and luxurious, providing a stylish, yet comfortable watch-wearing experience. Due to the perforations in the Eulit Vintage Racing Watch Straps, the leather watch band is more breathable than other styles of leather watches as there are holes for air to flow through, avoiding the hot, sticky skin that is typically found beneath a standard, solid leather strap. This perforation is not only practical but also serves the purpose of providing you with a beautiful decorative design in the form of various sizes of circular cutouts. The straps measure 20 centimeters in length and are about four millimeters thick. Each one comes with a stainless steel buckle measuring two millimeters less than the helpful spring bar release system.

The Eulit Vintage Racing Watch Straps can be found here at WatchBandit. Prices hover around the € 45 range, making them highly affordable to anyone in the market for a leather racing strap.

Discover The Eulit Vintage Racing Watch Straps

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