Ever Wanted to Learn How to Start Your Own Watch Brand?


Did you know that many watch designers started as watch collectors? It’s true! People with a passion for timepieces often begin building a collection then making repairs to their own watches. Next, they start improving and modifying existing watches, and voila, the urge to create timepieces from scratch is eventually born.

If you have a passion for watches, this scenario may sound familiar. You likely have your own ideas for making timepieces but have no idea how you’d ever translate those ideas to a business.

Now, there is an easy way to learn how.

Udemy is offering a course called Watches: How to Design, Manufacture and Build a Brand that teaches you how to do everything from designing the watch to sourcing the materials to finding a manufacturer to launching and then building your brand.

how to start a watch company

Self-paced and available for completion entirely online, Watches: How to Design, Manufacture and Build a Brand has 51 lectures composed of informative videos spread across 12 different topics. It only takes 2 hours to watch all of the lessons from start to finish, and there are included readings to help deepen your knowledge.

Once you register for the course, you can access it right away. You only pay a fee once to get lifetime access to the course material, so you can go back and review what was covered anytime that you wish. The course is taught by Jahn Karsybaev who has launched many successful brands and is prepared to share his secrets for starting a company.

Check out the online course and SAVE 48%

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