Ferro Airborne Takes Flight


It’s always great to see a new micro brand of watches succeed in raising funds through Kickstarter. One of the latest success stories to come from the crowd funding site is Ferro Airbone, a Canadian company that managed to raise $96,050 Canadian against a goal of just $12,000 Canadian. Now, the company has begun to produce their new line of watches, and men everywhere can pre-order the designs before they become available to the general public.

The Ferro Airborne timepiece is inspired by the look and function of classic vintage pilot watches. Offered with titanium and copper cases, the watch features a very stylish dial with hour markers that look like the instrument dials on antique aircraft. An airplane appears at the 12 o’clock hour marker, and there is a date display window above the 6 o’clock.

In the initial Ferro Airborne timepiece collection, there will be both automatic analog watches and hybrid mechaquartz movement watches with chronograph dials. With these watches, the chronograph is controlled by a mechanical movement system, while a quartz mechanism controls the main dial. This makes the timepiece highly reliable. The hybrid and automatic watches are being offered in a variety of dial and strap colors, all of which appeal to modern senses of style without breaking from the retro feel of the overall design.

Gents who want to make sure they don’t miss a chance to own a Ferro Airborne watch can pre-order at the brand’s website. A link to the site is available on the Kickstarter campaign page.

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