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Any watch can show you what time it is, alerting you to the fact that it is time to run an errand, cook dinner or head out to work. What most watches cannot do is make you truly aware of every second of the day instead of simply giving you the time with a parting glance. Fin Watches aim to make their wearers totally aware of just how much time they have left in the day; the 24-hour timer on the watch face rotates once a day to show you just how many hours you have left in your day to do something meaningful and worthwhile. The dial even hosts a helpful pulsometer. Choose to take back control over how you use your time with these stylish and useful timepieces.

Fin Watches

Fin Watches utilizes cases that are available in a number of colors to suit any personality, such as polished gold, rose gold, matte black and many others. Fashion out of 316L stainless steel, the cases feature sapphire crystal lenses that can prevent scratching over time. The timepieces also offer unique straps with quick release mechanisms that make changing your look with a different strap is a simple task.

Currently, the Fin Watches collection is being funded on the crowdsourcing website, Kickstarter. At the time of writing, this campaign has raised $14,820 of its $15,125 goal with 15 days left to go. If you would like to make a pledge of $169, you can enjoy the early bird special on one of their mindful watches.

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