Full Guide on Imitation Watches


How to Spot Imitation Watches?

Spotting imitation luxury watches can be challenging, especially as counterfeiters continue improving their techniques. With technological advancements and the increasing sophistication of counterfeit watches, it has become harder for watch experts to distinguish between genuine and imitation timepieces.

 Certificate Of Authority

Ask the seller to give a certificate of authority. All the popular companies provide it since they consider it a customer’s right. If a seller can provide you with the required certificate of a brand, he is selling you an authentic watch.

● Compare With the Original Picture

It would help to compare a luxurious watch with an original picture before buying it. See every minor detail thoroughly and ensure the watch looks exactly like the original one. You can request a video from the seller.

For this purpose, you can also read details on the original website. Read that watch’s description and make sure your watch is equipped with all the elements described on the original website.

 Customer Reviews

Go to the public pages of the store you’re buying a watch from. Check the reviews and see if anyone claimed they got an imitation watch instead of a real one. If you find such a review from a verified customer, consider it a red flag and cancel your purchase. It is an imitation designer watch if a verified customer claims that.

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