Gaxs – A Young Independent Swedish Watch Brand


Gaxs Watches is a young independent Swedish company that emerged onto the scene in the year 2012. Unlike other watch brands that rush into the market without thoroughly planning their ideas and creations, Gaxs Watches spend time meticulously going over every detail of the watches with their manufacturer, ensuring that the final product would be something which they would be proud of.

Cheap in price but not by design, Gaxs Watches uses only the highest quality materials in their watches. These watches are made from durable 316L stainless steel that is resilient and strong. The watches have been given different platings in order to appeal to the color schemes of anyone, including matte black and bronze bezels. All of their watch faces are either black or dark gray. Inside of the watches keeping the time accurately is a quartz movement that is dependable and precise. The cases measure from 36 to 40 millimeters in size and only 7 millimeters thick. Leather straps that measures 18 or 20 millimeters comes with the watch to give you a sophisticated and elegant look that is hard to find with any other combination of dial, bezel and strap style like you get with Gaxs Watches.

Gaxs Watches can be found here at WatchBandit. You can get one of their watches for 79€ to 125€ depending on the watch that you choose.  You can enjoy free shipping to anywhere on the planet, get one today!

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