Golden Rule: Why You Should Treat A Watch Dealer The Way You Want To Be Treated

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As a watch dealer, I treat people the way I want to be treated. Even if the people I am dealing with are not very demanding, I do my best. When I know that I have provided my best customer service, I sleep with a great feeling.

But many people do not take this approach when it comes to buying and selling watches. There are people who try to take advantage of me rather than appreciate what I can do for them.

I believe in delivering above and beyond service to my watch buyers and seller at Value Your Watch. I know I will be surrounded by people who will greatly appreciate the way I treat them. Like anything in life, being nice gives me deep satisfaction as well as anxiety, that is because some people do not value the way other people are trying to help them out.

In this blog post, I am going to share the ways you can create a long-lasting relationship with your watch dealer. Buying watches can be stressful when you know that you want to buy a luxury watch but have no clue which watch would hold its value well, or in short which one should be added to your collection.

The Golden Rules of watch Buying from a watch dealer

  • Be open-minded
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • It’s a business
  • Trust the watch dealer
  • Keep your word
  • Don’t return the watch

When you come to a watch store or to meet a watch dealer who is only selling watches online, the chances they will be helpful to you when you are kind to them is much higher.

Be Open-Minded

When my clients are looking for a specific watch and I feel like that the watch is garbage, I let them know. Not because I don’t like the watch, but because I don’t like them to lose huge amounts of money.

As an example: One of my ladies’ clients wanted to buy her first Rolex watch because of her friends. She told me that she wants a Rolex with a blue color on it. I mentioned to her that her personality would fit a Rolex Explorer II with the Polar Dial. I felt this would be a much wiser choice. First of all, if she ever wants to sell the watch, she would have a larger audience than just ladies to sell to because this watch is 40mm men’s Rolex. Last but not least, this Rolex is discontinued, and it’s going up in value. If she decides to sell the watch today, she will get more money back than she paid.

Being Open-minded helps to find the best watch for any buyer. There is a possibility that the watch which is ideal for you might not be available, but there are many watches and if you are open-minded you might just find the right watch for you.

Golden Rule Why You Should Treat A Watch Dealer The
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Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Asking questions when buying watches is a great way to help find the right watch for yourself. What I love about having a conversation with my clients is the way they express the ideal watch they have been dreaming about. They usually do not know what exact watch they want or what they really want in a watch until we start talking.

Questions to ask

  • What are the hottest watches this year
  • Which watches keep value well
  • Should I buy gold or stainless steel watch
  • What are differences between Quartz, Manual and Automatic
  • How much does it cost to service watches

These are perfect questions to ask because they will help you as well as the watch dealer to make an informed decision. You can think of it as going to a car dealership and asking about different cars they have in their parking lot. The more questions you ask, the better they can serve you.

It’s a business

Dealing with so many people on a daily bases, I feel like people think they can get the watch for much less than what I bought the watch for. Starting a watch business has many risks associated with it: making sure that we don’t buy a fake watch,lose the watch during the shipment, or get robbed.

When you go to negotiate for the price, make sure that you know what you are getting. If the dealer is very reputable, has many great references, and people speaking highly of him or her, I don’t really negotiate because I know I will get what I am paying for. By accepting that the watch dealer has to make money, I am paying for the “insurance” that I get the watch and the service I want.

Trust the watch dealer.

I understand that some people will have a hard time trusting the watch dealer. It might be due to some experience from the past. That’s why reviews of various dealers in your home town or online weigh gold, especially if your friends recommend that watch dealer.

When I am looking for a new watch, I always do my research about the people I am going to buy the watch from. I don’t want to get scammed. By knowing who the watch dealer is, I can trust him that he will do the best thing for me, and I will be able to get the best watch.

Here is an example of a trust my clients have with me. I know that the watch has to be as close as it is possible to be looking like new. Some of the watches I sell are 20 years old, and it is challenging to find a great running watch in a mint condition. Because I know my client, I tell him about all the imperfections to let him decide if he wants the watch or not. That’s called trusting the dealer because when he gets the watch from me, there are no surprises at all.

Long term relationships with watch dealers bring you more than watches that you will proudly wear.  If you have a good relationship, you can find a friend who will make sure that you will be guided in the horological world the way they would like to be guided.

Keep your word

As a watch dealer, we get so many inquiries about our watches. When a client says he will buy the watch next week and I place the watch for a hold, I expect the watch to be sold. There is nothing worst for the buyer’s reputation than being added to the “do not deal with” list. Because of this risk, I make the buyer pay a non-refundable deposit. That way, the buyer knows they have to buy the watch, or they will forfeit the deposit.

Keeping a word has a substantial weight in the watch world. Just imagine that I promised a specific watch to you, and did not deliver. How do you think you will feel? Probably you would not trust me anymore.

When you say you will buy the watch, buy it. The watch dealer spends a lot of time answering all the questions. Providing more pictures as well as sharing their knowledge with you. If you are not serious about buying the watch, be honest with the watch dealers. There is nothing worse than making the watch dealers disappointed by your actions.

Don’t return the watch.

I understand that sometimes buying watches online can result in a watch that does not look like anything you ordered and the description may be way off.

Some people returned a watch to me because they thought it would look different than the pictures I have sent them. They could see the imperfection, they knew that the watch is not brand new, etc.

It’s like buying a car from a dealership and coming back the next day saying you don’t like the car. I have found that some people ask to take the watch back even after a month they had it or they told me that the watch stopped running. What if I told you that the engine starts leaking oil and needs to be fixed? Who would be responsible for it? The car dealer who sold me the used car or me? Of course, me. That’s the price of buying pre-owned watches. Some watches are serviced others are not. The description of the watch should have all the necessary information.

Being nice to watch dealers is like being kind to your friends. I have never experienced my friends being mad at me for being nice to them and trying to help them. I feel like some people like to take advantage of various watch dealers. I know that doing the right thing for my clients will recharge my karma and the universe will take care of it.

Golden Rule Why You Should Treat A Watch Dealer The

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