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Among car enthusiasts, a familiar saying is that if you don’t look back at your car after you parked it, you bought the wrong one. Although slightly different, I feel that the same thing goes for watches. Here, I would say that if you have to look twice to tell the time, you bought the right one. It is a common joke for my girlfriend to ask me the time when she sees me checking my watch. More often than not, I have to look again, as I was admiring everything except the exact position of the hands.

Realizing that the right watches leave you enamored can also lead to some confronting conclusions. Many years ago, I bought an Omega Speedmaster Professional. An impressive watch by all means, and I was very excited to get it. Unfortunately, when on the wrist, there was no magic. When I checked to see the time, that was exactly what I did and nothing more. This doesn’t say anything about the Speedmaster, but more about me, and that this Omega simply wasn’t my watch. Through this experience, I learned that I am more of a Seamaster and Constellation kind of guy, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Antonio Jaramillo watch collection

I even made a deal with myself that whenever I don’t have the look twice experience with a watch in my collection, it has to go. This is quite a thing, as some watches I have admired for years, are considered icons or took a long time to get, only get to enjoy a short stay with me. Despite all this, and while they are great watches in their own right, when they are not great watches on my wrist, it was simply not meant to be. The upside is that you get a collection that makes you smile and where the watches also get worn. The downside is that you might have to look twice at them to know the time.

Which watch makes you have to look twice? Tell us in the comments!

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