HIRIGOYEN Watches: Defying Convention


All across the board in the timepiece industry, you will find a number of companies who compete with each other with fancy descriptions about their watches and many buzzwords that try their best to get you to buy from them. They sacrifice quality for the chance that you might notice their watches and purchase them due to a frilly campaign that they hope will catch your attention. Not HIRIGOYEN. They do not rely on distracting, flashy marketing and instead allow their watches and their unique beauty to speak for themselves.

Their watches are built as reliably and with the same high quality, durable materials as other companies, but without the marketing jargon to go along with it. The cutting-edge, avant-garde company HIRIGOYEN boasts watches that are comprised of a sturdy casing that comes in several different colors including two types of classy gold. Brushed silver is another beautiful outer layer that they enjoy using to bring together that stylish, classic finish. This edgy company employs timeless leather straps in a lighter shade that perfectly complements each and every one of their minimalist watches that utterly defy convention.

Beautiful, simplistic and to-the-chase HIRIGOYEN watches can be purchased exclusively on their website for a reasonable price of $189 per watch. They offer standard international shipping for free to further cut down on the hassle of purchasing a watch.

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