How is the Bradley Timepiece Created?


The Bradley Timepiece from Eone Time is a timepiece unlike any that has ever been made before. Intended to be used by people with vision impairment as well as people who are sighted, the Bradley Timepiece displays the time using two tracks: an inner minute track and an outer hour track. A sighted person can look down and see the position of the ball markers to know the time, while a blind person can simply feel to determine what time it is.

So just how was such a unique timepiece made? There were six steps to the production process for the Eone Time Bradley Timepiece:

  1. Sketching. The designers at Eone Time spent months creating all types of drawings of imaginative timepiece designs that could be used by the blind and by the sighted with equal ease. After many, many sketches, the concept of the two track timekeeping system was born.
  2. Prototypes. Once the two track timekeeping system took shape on paper, it was time to bring it to life in three dimensions. The designers built a square shape prototype out of basic components and placed a two track dial in the center to show how the watch would work.
  3. Mock-ups. After proving that their concept would work, the designers made mock-ups to test how easy it would be to read their two track sightless watch. The design was done to scale and included a strap.
  4. Working Models. Next, designers created working watches with Swiss Ronda movements and tested them to make sure that they could accurately track the hours.
  5. Revisions. Over a period of several months, the designers created different versions of the Bradley to create the metal body for the watch.
  6. Final Designs. Only when the watches fully met the designers’ high standards were the finished products produced. Now, you can see the finished timepieces and buy one for yourself here at WatchBandit.

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