How Much Does It Cost To Service My Watch?


Any time a watch stops working, the dread can kick in. What’s wrong, why won’t it run, why is it keeping such poor time? You bought a quality timepiece and repairs are not that tough, however the cost can be quite high, especially from the manufacturer themselves. There is always the ability to find a quality watchmaker in your state, however, servicing directly with the manufacturer has many benefits as well.

The main benefits include parts availability, complete knowledge of the movement, and manufacturer warranties which will also help if you decide to resell the watch. But do you know how much each manufacturer charges to service your precious timepiece? Once you know what to look forward to, there are two general steps you can take for manufacturer service. First, you can mail it directly to the service center or second, you can drop it off at the Authorized Dealer or Boutique.

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The majority of major luxury watch brands have service centers right here in the United States. Once the watch arrives at its destination, a meticulous inspection will take place. Many repairs will be done right here, however certain parts may be an issue. If that is the case, the manufacturer may send it to headquarters, most usually Switzerland, if they have the parts shipped to them.

The best part of the ordeal is the manufacturer will clear the repairs with you before performing them. An estimate will be provided and you will be able to decline some or all of the repairs if you so choose. It’s up to you if repairs will proceed.

Once repairs are performed, the watch will be sent back to you with any part that was replaced during the service. Normally you will be able to decline cosmetic repairs, but watch hands and dials are often replaced during the service which not everyone is a fan of. To some, this exchange of parts makes a watch not original, and loses some of its value. Hopefully if all goes well, you won’t need additional parts not covered by the service fees.

One negative example I personally have is with my Omega Speedmaster Mark 40. The lume on the hands have some nice patina, however when Omega services these watches, they won’t reinstall any hands so I will be forced to get the watch back with new hands. I will receive the old hands back though so I have the ability to have a quality watchmaker restore the watch to original.

General Service Steps by the Manufacturer

  1. Disassembly of the Case
  2. Disassembly and cleaning of the movement
  3. Replacing worn components
  4. Reassembly and lubrication of the movement
  5. Adjustment of the movement and control of its parameters
  6. Cleaning and refurbishment of the case and bracelet
  7. Reassembly of the case and renewal of the water resistance
  8. Quality control checks to make sure service was completed properly

Cost of Full Service by Manufacturer

There are a couple things to note about this list. First is, not all manufacturers list the service prices so the information isn’t readily available. Second, this assumes the best case and that the watch does not need any parts replaced. Many manufacturers will attempt to replace non broken parts as they can be considered wear items such as the crown, the crown tube, and the crystal.

OMEGA Service Cost

Non-Chronograph Watches:

  1. Quartz:
    • Non-Precious Material Price (Crown made of steel including plated steel, titanium, ceramic): $500.00
    • Precious Material Price (Crown made of silver, gold, platinum, palladium): $600.00
  2. Mechanical:
    • Non-Precious Material Price: $700.00
    • Precious Material Price: $800.00

Chronograph Watches:

  1. Quartz:
    • Non-Precious Material Price: $600.00
    • Precious Material Price: $800.00
  2. Mechanical:
    • Non-Precious Material Price: $900.00
    • Precious Material Price: $1,100.00

This table indicates the different pricing tiers based on whether the watch is a chronograph or non-chronograph, the mechanism (quartz or mechanical), and the material of the crown.

OMEGA offers a 24-month warranty on its services. If a fault covered by this warranty arises, OMEGA will repair or replace parts at no cost. This warranty does not cover normal wear, accidents, or negligence. It becomes void if unauthorized individuals work on the watch.

Breitling Service Cost

RECOMMENDED PUBLIC PRICES (UNITED STATES) (Prices are VAT exclusive, and packaging & shipping are not included.)


  1. Mechanical:
    • Selfwinding watch / GMT: USD 170.00
    • Chronograph: USD 220.00
    • Chronograph (Breitling caliber): USD 220.00
    • Chronograph with complications: USD 220.00
    • Chronograph with perpetual calendar / split second: On estimate
  2. Quartz:
    • Analog: USD 170.00
    • Analog / Analog-Digital Chronograph: USD 220.00
    • UTC / CO-PILOT: USD 90.00


  • Emergency: USD 530.00
  • Emergency II: USD 780.00


  1. Mechanical:
    • Selfwinding watch / GMT: USD 570.00
    • Chronograph: USD 850.00
    • Chronograph (Breitling caliber): USD 850.00
    • Chronograph with complications: USD 940.00
    • Chronograph with perpetual calendar / split second: On estimate
  2. Quartz:
    • Analog: USD 475.00
    • Analog / Analog-Digital Chronograph: USD 620.00
    • UTC / CO-PILOT: USD 285.00


  • Rejected Repair Estimate: USD 30.00
  • Polishing Service: USD 150.00
  • Certificate of Authenticity: USD 320.00
  • Other services: On estimate

Breitling guarantees your watch against manufacturing defects. Watches with movements other than the mechanical Manufacture Breitling Movement come with a 2-year Breitling International Warranty. However, models featuring the mechanical Manufacture Breitling Movement benefit from an extended 5-year warranty. Breitling mandates free water resistance tests every two years at authorized service centers for the 5-year warranty validity.

WARRANTY EXTENSION OFFER BY BREITLING: Breitling offers registered clients an opportunity to extend their warranty. Purchase the Breitling Warranty Extension on Breitling’s official site to cover your watch against manufacturing defects for an added duration, as detailed below:

+2 Years BREITLING MOVEMENTS: For models without the mechanical Manufacture Breitling Movement, the Breitling International Warranty can be extended by an additional 2 years, termed the ‘Extended Breitling International Warranty’, for USD 375.00.

+3 Years MECHANICAL MANUFACTURE BREITLING MOVEMENTS: For watches with the mechanical Manufacture Breitling Movement, enjoy a 3-year extension on your Breitling International Manufacture Movement Warranty. This covers manufacturing defects, conditional on free water resistance tests conducted biennially at authorized Breitling service centers.

Audemars Piquet Service Cost

According to Audemars Piguet, the service prices listed below are for mechanical watches produced within the last 25 years and quartz watches from the last 15 years. Quotes for older watches are available upon request. These prices reflect charges for final customers at our Geneva boutique, Place de la Fusterie. However, our authorized independent repairers and resellers have the freedom to determine their own service prices. If your watch isn’t functioning correctly, our team follows a precise 10-step protocol to ensure its proper maintenance. This complete service is backed by a 2-year warranty.


  • Quartz: $672 (600.- CHF)
  • Selfwinding: $1,064 (950.- CHF)
  • Extra-thin: $1,456 (1300.- CHF)
  • Chronograph: $1,904 (1700.- CHF)
  • QP (Chrono, QP, EOT): $2,464 (2200.- CHF)

Refinishing Polishing and Satin Finish:

  • Watch case with bracelet and buckle: $504 (450.- CHF)
  • Watch case and buckle: $336 (300.- CHF)
  • Buckle only: $168 (150.- CHF)

Water Resistance Partial Service:

  • Standard: $504 (450.- CHF)
  • Complicated: $1,008 (900.- CHF)


  • Selfwinding: $1,064 (950.- CHF)
  • Chronograph: $1,904 (1700.- CHF)
  • Perpetual Calendar: $2,464 (2200.- CHF)

Refinishing Polishing and Satin Finish:

  • Watch case and buckle: $672 (600.- CHF)
  • Buckle only: $168 (150.- CHF)

Water Resistance Partial Service:

  • Standard: $504 (450.- CHF)
  • Complicated: $1,008 (900.- CHF)


  • Quartz: $560 (500.- CHF)
  • Hand-wound: $896 (800.- CHF)
  • Selfwinding: $952 (850.- CHF)
  • Extra-thin: $1,344 (1200.- CHF)
  • Chronograph: $1,792 (1600.- CHF)
  • QP (Chrono, QP, EOT): $2,352 (2100.- CHF)

Refinishing Polishing and Satin Finish:

  • Watch case with bracelet and buckle: $504 (450.- CHF)
  • Watch case and buckle: $336 (300.- CHF)
  • Buckle only: $168 (150.- CHF)

Water Resistance Partial Service:

  • Standard: $336 (300.- CHF)

Need service for your timepiece? Locate an Audemars Piguet boutique near you.

Patek Philippe Service Cost

When you service your Patek Philippe watch at an authorized center, measures are taken to preserve its integrity for future generations. The costs for these services are more affordable than you might expect. The rates provided below represent the maximum end-user prices without taxes and are applicable for full-scope maintenance interventions. During the service process, seals and certain movement parts are systematically replaced. Parts like the complete hand set, crown, mainspring barrel, or electronic circuit (for quartz movements) are replaced only if necessary. Any other components, such as the dial, leather strap, and crystal, will be invoiced separately.


Battery change: $145.60 (CHF 130)
Quartz (Level 2): $672.00 (CHF 600)
Mechanical, manually wound (Level 2): $1,008.00 (CHF 900)
Mechanical, self-winding (Level 2): $1,120.00 (CHF 1’000)
Complication I (Level 3): $1,456.00 (CHF 1’300)
Complication II (Advanced Level): $2,016.00 (CHF 1’800)
Complication III (Advanced Level): $2,576.00 (CHF 2’300)
Desk clock: On request
Grand Complication (Advanced Level Geneva): On request
Classic watches (over 20 years old): On request

Wall clock: Modern watch – $560.00 (CHF 500), Vintage watch – $560.00 (CHF 500)
Simple movement: Modern watch – $145.60 (CHF 130), Vintage watch – $560.00 (CHF 500)
Movement with Complication: Modern watch – $145.60 (CHF 130), Vintage watch – $1,120.00 (CHF 1’000)
Movement with Grand Complication: Modern watch – $1,120.00 (CHF 1’000), Vintage watch – $1,120.00 (CHF 1’000)

Service costs exclude case and bracelet overhauls unless specifically requested.


Case or bracelet (separate): $392.00 (CHF 350)
Case and bracelet: $560.00 (CHF 500)


Alligator leather: $504.00 (CHF 450)
Calfskin: $313.60 (CHF 280)
Composite material: $235.20 (CHF 210)
Synthetic fabric (satin): $224.00 (CHF 200)

Strap prices are standard across sizes and sewing methods. Deviations are subject to a charge of $112.00 (CHF 100).

Tag Heuer Service Cost

For servicing your Tag Heuer watch, you have two options:

  1. Ship it directly to their service center by creating an account and initiating the process here.
  2. Personally drop it off at any of their boutique stores.


  • GROUP 1 – Quartz Watches:
    Partial Maintenance: USD 140
    Complete Service: USD 270
  • GROUP 2 – Quartz Chronographs & Solargraph:
    Partial Maintenance: USD 140
    Complete Service: USD 345
  • GROUP 3 – Mechanical Watches:
    Partial Maintenance: USD 445
  • GROUP 4 – Mechanical Chronographs (Mechanical in-house & COSC):*
    Partial Maintenance: USD 200
    Complete Service: USD 555
  • GROUP 5:
    Partial Maintenance: USD 695
  • GROUP 6 – Tourbillons:
    Partial Maintenance: USD 290
    Complete Service: USD 970
  • GROUP 7 – Haute Horlogerie (V4, Mikrograph):
    Partial Maintenance: USD 580
    Complete Service: USD 1450

Vintage & Stopwatch Service Pricing – Tag Heuer
Visit for more details.

  • GROUP 8 – Quartz Vintage: $290 (For watches serviced < 8 years ago & in good condition per diagnostics), or $680.
    GROUP 9 – Mechanical Vintage: $1450
    GROUP 10 – Heuer Simple & Vintage Racing Stopwatch: $580
    GROUP 11: $870


  • USD 95 (On estimate when damaged or when requested)


  • Included in Complete Service (M2): Hands, pushers, tube, crown, and movements parts (replaced only when technically required).
  • Not Included in Service Price: Crystal, bezel, case, case-back, dial, bracelet, buckle.

Service Warranty 12 months (One year)

Tag Heuer Service Centers around the world.

IWC Service Cost

IWC guarantees workmanship and spare parts for 24 months after a Restoration or Complete Service, and 12 months for other services. Any defective parts will be repaired or replaced for free within these periods. Customers cover transportation costs. Repairs after the guarantee period will incur a fee.

Mechanical Watch
Leather Strap $470
Metal Bracelet $555
Mechanical chronograph
Leather Strap $570
Metal Bracelet $655
Mechanical chronograph Type II
Leather Strap $660
Metal Bracelet $745
Mechanical chronograph Type III
Leather Strap $770
Metal Bracelet $855
Mechanical Perpetual Calendar Chronograph
Leather Strap $1,340
Metal Bracelet $1,425
Grande Complication
Leather Strap $2,400
Metal Bracelet $2,485

Warranty 24 months (Two years)

Seiko and Grand Seiko Service Cost

Overhaul Service Prices – Retail Prices

Mechanical Caliber Series:

  • 5R6: $535.00
  • 5R8: $985.00
  • 8R: $363.00
  • 8L / 6L: $398.00
  • 6R: $260.00
  • 4R: $154.00
  • 7S: $118.00
  • Old mechanical calibers: $290.00

Quartz Caliber Series:

  • 9T: $735.00
  • Analog (battery or rechargeable battery powered): $79.00 – $116.00
  • Analog V series (solar powered): $116.00
  • 5J / 7D / 7L / 8B: $175.00
  • 5D: $239.00
  • 5X / 7X / 8X: $332.00
  • 7C: $179.00
  • Analog/Digital combination (non-diver’s): $98.00
  • Discontinued calibers: $154.00

Note: The following calibers and collections cannot be serviced locally and must be sent to Japan for movement service: S760, S770, S771, 1BXX, 4SXX, 5R86, 6SXX, 7B24, 7B25, 7R87, 8B54, 9T82.

Service Warranty for 12 months (1year) for Seiko / Grand Seiko, 6 months Pulsar

Grand Seiko Complete Service is a service offered as a package in which a movement overhaul is performed together with a “Light Polish” of the case and metal band.  Light polish is performed on stainless steel and titanium only. 


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