How Nabi started the Watch Collecting Journey


As a global platform, we would like to bring interesting stories from various people who love watches.  From watchmakers, horology lovers and different business-related to the luxury watch world. Enjoy the first interview with ….

Hi, Nabi welcome to our interview, I am so happy to share with our audience your story.

Nabi with his children and Gary Vaynerchuk

Honza: Could you share a bit about who you are and what you do?

Nabi: I am an airbrush artist, sometimes referred to as a T-shirt artist, someone very similar to who you would meet down on the boardwalk during your spring break or summer vacation. Mostly airbrush T-shirts with funny sayings or sunsets and names… fortnite has been pretty big lately. I also airbrush wall murals, swimsuit models, motorcycles and cars. I am self-employed and run a shop called Absolute Airbrush Designs

Honza: When did you start collecting watches?

Nabi:  About 2 years now. I became interested in the automatic movements and finding the reasoning that a handmade watch could keep such accurate time. Fell down the rabbit hole, not to mention, they hold value better and longer than most quartz

Honza: Your first watch?

Nabi: Fossil, I don’t even remember the model, I just thought it looked nice for special occasions. Hey, we all learn from our mistakes!

Honza: Do you help your friends buy and sell luxury watches?

Nabi: Now that I know a bit more, I have helped friends, by brokering pieces or just guiding them to an associate that might have something that fits their taste.

Honza: What do you enjoy about advising your friends which watch should they purchase?

Nabi:  Proving that particular watches actually rise in value and most times, there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to price. I like to hear what they want in a watch. These luxuries are made out of various materials and the discussion helps me learn about them and sometimes how others view the world.

Honza: What are the hottest watches right now on the market?

Nabi: I would say, the Moonwatches and the Planet Oceans. The Rolex market is always hot. I am not too familiar with brands above the $15k mark.

Honza: Tell us about your favorite watch brands and the watches you enjoy.

Nabi: I absolutely LOVE the Omega Planet Ocean Professional  43.5mm. size, weight, and the visual appeal are top-notch. Rolex makes you feel like you made it. Panerai makes you feel like you are in a secret society.

Honza: Do you preferer automatic, manual or quartz movement and why?

Nabi: Auto. The pieces that I tend to buy or want are automatic. There is something about a real automatic that demands you to respect the craftsmanship.

Honza: Do you preferer to buy watches online or in a store?

Nabi: Online, I stay away from stores… I can source them at a better rate online. I’ve made many new associates, I’d like to think of them as friends. There are many people in the watch world that will help you.

Honza:If you buy watches online which is your favorite site to shop at?

Nabi: . It’s peer to peer and has great customer support.

Honza: How to you make sure you are not getting scammed?

Nabi: If buying via personal sale, I would ask many of their friends and associates to provide a recommendation.

Honza:Who is your favorite watchmaker?

Nabi: Omega, Tudor, Panerai and Tag

Honza: Most and least expensive watches in your current collection?

Nabi: Bell & Ross 03-92 I have for sale at $2400, Panerai 690, one of the pieces that is becoming more valuable, currently headed to $13k. I have it for sale at $12k

Honza: What’s your grail watch?

Nabi :It was the Rolex Explorer until I got one last year and enjoyed it for a few months, then onto different things. Now my grail has to be the Yachtmaster  2

Honza: Is there a watch brand you would not wear even if you get paid for it?

Nabi: Invicta, Fossil

Honza: A big thank you Nabi Syed for sharing your passion for watches.

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