How Old is My Omega Watch


How often do you get the question, how old is your Omega Watch? The serial number of the watch helps you answer that. There are many great resources online which helps you figure out the age of your watch. All you need to do is to look at the serial number to match the year on the table lower in this blog post.

Where is the serial number of my OMEGA watch located?

How Old is My Omega Watch
How Old is My Omega Watch 36

The omega serial number might be located on the right lug of the watch or on the case back. I have not seen an Omega watch without the serial numbers.

The serial number is like a VIN # on your car. Every car has one. The reason for the serial number is to help recognized the watch and their parts.

If you send the omega watch for service, they will be able to check the serial number in their system, to make sure that all the right parts are used, and the watch is actually the watch as is in the system and now modification has been made.

1695325845 156 How Old is My Omega Watch
How Old is My Omega Watch 37

My watch does not have a serial number?

If your watch does not have a serial number, there is a chance that the watch might be fake. There is a possibility that the watch was polished and someone did not do a good job a polished way the serial number. If you have bought a watch from Omega store or have a connection with watchmakers who service Omega watches, they might help you look up the serial number to make sure you got the watch you think you got.

When you located the omega serial number of your watch, you match the number with the table to find out how old is your watch. Keep in mind, the most accurate answer will be given to you by OMEGA itself.

If you want to find out directly from Omega about the age of your watch, reach out their Extract of the Archives

YearSerial Number of OMEGAYearSerial Number of OMEGA
1695325846 598 How Old is My Omega Watch
How Old is My Omega Watch 38

The Benefits of knowing the age of my watch

  • Could be worth more money
  • Might need service

Could be worth more than you think

You are probably familiar with OMEGA Speedmaster Moon watch. There are so many of them which look very similar or identical to each other. The difference might be the movement, material used or some patina on the dial. When you buy a watch, which does not have box and papers, you will have to use google search to look up the watch you just got to find out the specific model. You can use online watch forums which are a great resource.

When you find out the age of the watch and the specific model, you might realize that the watch is worth much more than you thought. The original owner did not have an idea that value is much higher now after that many years. You could potentially hit a home run.

Might need to service the watch

When you find out about the age of your watch and there is no service history available, you might need to look for a watchmaker who will be able to inspect the watch. The manufacturer-recommended service intervals are around 5-6 years, however, OMEGA watches been know to run for much longer with great accuracy. If you are choosing to purchase a watch online, you should take in consideration how old the watch is due to a possible service cost.

The blog post was written by Honza Hroch, the founder of Value Your Watch marketplace.


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