How to advertise watches for sale?

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If you are selling watches on your own, you know the importance of having enough people seeing the watch you are selling. There is no right or wrong way to advertise watches, just different approaches to promote. 

I have different ways to get the watch in front of the right people. What I mean by that, I am showing the watch to people who will more likely buy the watch because they like it.

Many people buy on impulse…If they like something and they have the funds and trust in the seller or platform they will buy it.

Before you start to advertise the watch for sale, you need to make sure your reputation is outstanding, and people will feel comfortable to do business with you. 

Here are the tips on how to Level Up your Reputation

  • Be reachable
  • Keep Your Word
  • Have references

Be Reachable

How do you feel when you are trying to buy something in the store or online, and the person does not feel like trying to help you? Personally, when I go to a store, looking for a specific item, and the people working there are ignoring me, it rubs me the wrong way. 

Just imagine, you are selling an expensive Rolex Watch and the person who would like to buy it from you ask specific questions, and you do not answer for 2 days. How would you feel when the person you are the person buying? Probably, not too happy, and you would move on.

The best social media accounts 

In today’s digital age, we can almost reach anybody by sending them a direct message on social media or reply to their post online. I highly recommend you to create accounts on these platforms.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

If you have accounts on all those platforms, make sure, that the user name is the same, I know that sometimes it is challenging to have the same user name but make sure its almost the same.

How to advertise watches for sale
Omega watches for sale

What to DO and NOT TO DO on Social Media platforms

Have an actual picture of you

Quite often, I see so many people on social media not to have a picture themselves. Why would you have a picture of your Cat? Really? People do business with people they trust not their pets.

Share your original content

Do you know people who re-share content? How can I get to know you, if all I see is the shared videos? Sharing your pictures of your watches, your travels, and more is more beneficial for you.

Not being active

If you look at someone’s account and the last post was created two years ago that’s not the way to make other people feel comfortable. Be active on those social media platforms.

How to level up your online presence?

If you are serious about your online presence, I would highly recommend purchasing your name domain as well. For example, I bought Think of it as an online real estate. There is only one specific domain available. Do you want someone with the same name to be porn start or selling something that is not helping your reputation? I don’t think so. 

When you have your domain, it is very inexpensive to get your website up and running. There are services which help you to create a site for a minimal amount of money.

Where to buy a domain name?

Build it on your own?

Hire someone to build your site

By having all those social media accounts as well as your own website, people will feel much more comfortable doing business with you. When you can see if, the person is real, such as spending time with family, taking pictures of watches, or just sharing some blog posts related to watches, the trust level will increase.

Keep your word

Now that, you know how to be easily reachable for people, you need to keep your word! This seems, very simple; however, it is a very important way to progress in this business. When you tell people you will take additional pictures of your watch and send it to them. You will do it as you said. When you break your word, your reputation will start diminishing, which is the beginning of the end.

Have references

Having references from other people that you sold or bought a watch is very benefical. The best way to gain references is to sell or buy watches from other people who will vouch for you. When you are selling watches online or in person, always ask the people you sold or purchase the watch to write a review for you. When you get the review, you can use it on your own website or social media. 

Now, that you know how to level up your reputation and help people to feel more comfortable doing business with you, its time to advertise watches for sale.

How to advertise watches for sale?

When you are advertising watch for sale, you have many options. Some are free others are paid. 

The key of advertisement is to send traffic to one specific location. What I mean by that, is to have people seeing the website, or watchlisting you want them to see. Personally, I do advertise on all platforms, but the BEST PRICE is always at, and I do mention to check out the listing at this website. Also, all the contact information, reviews of me and contact information are there, which makes it much easier for the potential consumer to contact me directly.

FREE way to advertise watches for sale online

If you are like me, you do not want to spend money to advertise your watches for sale as well. Here are the platforms where you can advertise watches for sale for free.


Advertising watches for sale on facebook is great, especially the marketplace. You are able to get the watch in front of many people who are specifically looking for a specific watch. 

If you want to advertise watch for sale on facebook groups, search for various watch groups. All you have to do is to type “watches for sale, Buy-Sell Watches,” and many different watch groups will pop up and pick the one which might fit the watch you are selling.

Post watches on your personal profile, because you never know, if some of your friends will see it. I have sold many watches from my personal profile, even if the organic reach is not that great.


Even though you might not think of LinkedIn as a great platform to advertise watches for sale, this platform has an incredible organic reach. You are able to publish an article you wrote. By writing the articles, people in your network will be notified, which means, more people will be able to see the post is you write about the watches for sale. LinkedIn is one of my favorite platforms because of the organic reach and the demographics using the platform


A picture is worth a thousand words is a well-known saying, and Instagram fits this perfectly. Just make sure you share great watch pictures and not some junk. If you think you need to improve taking pictures, just read the article on how to take pictures just using a phone.  

You have three ways to advertise watches for sale on Instagram. You can just share a post, use stories, or IGTV.

When sharing the post, it is important to use hashtags because many people do search just using them. The post will stay on your profile in the gallery.

Stories, are great to share incoming watches, special deal, etc. Instagram stories stay only for 24hrs and are a great way to have people checking on them daily. Also, the reach on them is a bit larger than just a regular post.

If you like to share videos on IGTV about watch reviews, or talking watches, I would highly recommend sharing these videos. Each video can be between 15 seconds to 10minutes long.  


Reddit is one of the most popular platforms among many people. There are many communities which are talking about various topics, including watches. At first, the platform might be a bit complicated for you to use, but you will learn pretty quick how to use it.

Value Your Watch 

This platform allows you to sell one watch for free, and you do not need to pay for joining. If you want to list more watches for sale, you would have to pay a subscription. The benefit is to have the full control of your watch for sale. 

Some of these platforms mentioned above, allows you to pay for advertisement; currently, Facebook and Instagram paid ad is the most efficient because you can pinpoint the specific people you would like to market the watches to. 

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Tudor Watches For Sale

Here are some paid platforms where you can advertise your watches for sale. 


eBay is the largest online marketplace in the world. This is a great platform, just be careful who are you selling the watch to and will not get scammed.

You have to pay insertion fees as well as sales fee.


Well, know watch marketplace site where you can sell your watch as well. You can list as an individual seller or a dealer. Prices vary depending on the account you open.

Rolex Forum

Great watch forum where you can list your watches for sale after paying around $25 for the whole year. This is one of my favorite platforms to sell on.

Another way to advertise watches

Wear your watch everywhere. When you wear your watches, it is much easier to start a conversation with people. When I see someone wearing a nice watches, I start complimenting the specific watch they are wearing. I have never come to a cross anybody who would not start talking about their timepiece. 

Get business cards

When you get business cards, you can share them with your friends or potential clients when you are networking. Also, you can leave them on various bulletin boards.

Advertising watches for sale does not have to be complicated, and you just need to know who are you trying to sell your watch to. By following the steps, in this blog post, your chances to sell the watch increase significantly.

The watch blog was written by Honza Hroch, the founder of Value Your Watch and the student of Watch Trading Academy.

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