How to become the best watch seller online?


When you are going to sell watches online, you would like to get the most money for your watch at the shortest possible time. Am I right? It’s simple but not easy.

To become the best watch seller online is not as complicated as it might sounds. All you have to do is to become exceptional in these three things.

  • Sell on reputable platforms
  • Easy to Reach
  • Amazing Customer Service

The steps to becoming the best watch seller on the internet

Sell on Reputable Platform

It might sound simple, but it’s not that simple especially with many options available for you to sell watches on the internet.

There are two options. Build your website where you will sell the watches or use somebody else platform.

Build Your Own Website

The most significant advantage of owning your website is the flexibility of creating the websites you want to create with the content you feel fits your brand in the best way.

You can use Shopify s for your online store which is dominating the e-commerce space. The basic plans start at $29, and it goes as high as $2,000 per month. You get your platform to build the websites ready to be selling.

The other option is to build your websites using WordPress. I do prefer to have 100% control over my site, and WordPress is perfect for it; however, you need to keep in mind that you need hosting services, pay for maintenance as well as pay for some particular plugins or themes to run the site the way you want.

Watch marketplaces

There are many places you can sell watches online on; however, if you want to start increasing your reputation, you need to be somewhere, where people are a comfortable shop online, and you have all the tools available for your online store.

The best watch marketplaces you should look in to are eBay, Chrono24, Value Your Watch.

Each of the marketplaces is unique and provide different type of service. The fee structure is also different, and you should look and compare what might work best for you to help you become the best watch seller online.

Be easy to reach

In today’s digital age, it’s so easy to connect with anyone in a matter of seconds. It’s a blessing as well as a curse because it’s much harder to get some privacy.

By being easy to reach, you will increase your chances to become the best watch seller online, because your buyers, will feel more comfortable to deal with you.

You should be reachable at least at three different mediums.

  • Cell Phone
  • Email
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Watch Forums

The easier it is for people to get in touch with you, the more comfortable they will feel. I do like to deal with buyers as well as seller who are willing to connect with me over the phone, email or just social media.

I do not like to play Russian roulette with people and hoping for the best. I love thrill, but not when thousands of dollars are in stake.

Just think of it this way, how would you feel if somebody is very easy to reach and wants you to share all the information about the watch they are selling?

Probably more comfortable compared to someone who is hard to reach and will not share additional pictures with you.

Customer Service

Customer Service is the most critical aspect of becoming the best watch seller online.

As they say, it takes years to build a reputation and seconds to destroy it. Reputation in the watch business is everything.

When you tell someone that you will do something you do it. Do not break your promise because it will bite you in your ass later one.

To have people talking with their friends about the experience they had while buying a watch from you is the fastest way to become the best watch seller online. Power of referrals is priceless.

My take on customer service is simple. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

When they ask for something, you better deliver.


How do people know that they will experience a fantastic customer service? By selling watches, you will create a particular reputation. After every transaction, ask your customers to write a review for you. They can use Yelp, Watch Forums; Store reviews at different watch marketplaces.

Just remember, it takes a lot of transactions, to create a good reputation, but only one bad one to lose it all.

To become the best watch seller online takes a lot of time and discipline. Just remember selling on a popular platform and being easy to reach combined with a fantastic customer service you are on the right path to becoming the best watch seller on the internet.

The article was written by Honza Hroch who is the founder of Value Your Watch. Honza started trading watches since he joins Watch Trading Academy.


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