How To Enjoy Luxury Watches Today By Investing For Tomorrow


You’ve probably heard that Luxury watches are expensive and spending thousands of dollars on a luxury watch might not be a wise investment.  However, there is another side of the coin which tells you to invest in luxury watches by capitalizing on them later on. 

Kevin O’Leary has made several videos on why he loves to invest in watches. The simple answer is that he understands the investment value they bring to the table.

It takes a lot of time and experience to pick the right watch to invest in, and if you do not have a trusted watch dealer who can help you to select the right watch the whole buying a luxury watch to spend your hard-earned money is doubting.

Fortunately, you have the opportunity to make smart financial decisions of not wasting your money by spending them on watches which might depreciate like rocks.

How To Enjoy Luxury Watches Today By Investing For Tomorrow
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Enjoy Luxury Watches Today

There must be times when you see a watch you like a lot, but you then you think that you cannot afford it. Instead of buying the specific watch which “talked” to you, you purchased the one which seemed more affordable.

The problem lies in the depreciation of various luxury watches.

When my clients are looking to purchase one of their first luxury timepieces, I like to educate them on the various options they have.

First, I need to know, what kind of style they would like to get. There are watches made from various materials, they have various case sizes as well as dial colors.

When I know what they want, I can suggest them the best watch to invest in. The reason I tell them that watches are an investment is because I buy the watch back when they want to upgrade or sell it. This means, they know how much money they will get back when they are tired of the watch.

Not everyone has buyback programs However many great trusted sellers I know have buyback programs for their clients, because they know the power of loyal customers.

Also, ladies, who have never owned a luxury watch think that they should look into ladies watches only. That’s a big mistake for two reasons. The first being that Ladies watches do not hold value as men’s watches and the second that the selection of ladies watches is much smaller.

Learn more about this topic here- “Why women are starting to wear men’s luxury watches.”

You make the money

When you invest in watches, you are getting a VIP ticket to join into a group of few people who enjoy luxury watches. Every time I meet people who are wearing Rolex, Audemars Piquet or Patek Philippe, it is easy to connect with them.

When you meet someone, who is wearing a luxury watch, you will be able to strike a great conversation with them regarding the watches they are into and life in general as well. I have not met a single person who was rude to me when I complimented them on their timepiece. I can always see it in their eyes, the passion they have for their watch and the want to get another one.

In general, when people understand the power of investing in luxury watches, they have a hard time stopping themselves from buying another one. Why would you not buy a watch which will appreciate as well as give you an access to a larger professional network?  It just makes sense to jump in and experience the luxury and lifestyle many people could have if they get educated.

“How to get the luxury watch of your dream 75% faster”

You are the one who is making the money, and you should not be afraid to level up by investing in luxury watches. When you get access to different networks by wearing the timepiece which is a great investment and appreciates in value, you will create more opportunities for your business as well as your wallet. Just enjoy the luxury watches today.

Here are the best-preowned watches to start investing in

  • Rolex Submariner
  • Rolex GMT
  • Rolex Datejust
  • Cartier Roadster Large
  • Cartier Roadster XL
  • Breitling Avenger II
  • Omega Speedmaster Reduced
  • Omega Planet Ocean
  • Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

This blog post was written by Honza Hroch the founder of Value Your Watch

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