How To Export Watches Fast And Safe

Tips to export watches around the world

Exporting watches does not have to be complicated. The world we live in is so connected, and you might be surprised where the buyers of your luxury watches might be living. I have exported many watches to various parts of the world, which thought me many valuable lessons. It does not matter if you are shipping the watch to Australia, Canada or Saudi Arabia because the process is the same for all the countries.

The Steps to export watches fast and safe

• Make sure you know who you are dealing with
• Let the buyer feel comfortable
• Get money before you ship the watch
• Select the right shipping company
• How to deal with customs

Do you know who you deal with?

When selling watches, you should always be aware who the buyer is, especially if you are planning to ship internationally, and you have never deal with the buyer before.

There are many risks associated with selling watches overseas, however, if you follow all these steps, your market of potential buyers gets much more significant.

Tips to get to know your buyer.

Connecting on social media should be a no brainer. If the potential buyer is serious about buying your watch, they will do anything to make it happen and be transparent.

I would highly recommend having communication with the buyer, such as a phone call, over skype, facetime, etc. Because they are going to send you money for the watch, you should make them feel comfortable as well. You can even exchange IDs to match the address you are going to ship the watch to.

Does the buyer know who they deal with?

Dealing with expensive watches needs transparency from the sellers as well. Just imagine that someone is going to wire you thousands of dollars without really knowing who are they dealing with. As mentioned above, you need to be transparent as well, because people want to do business with reputable people.

The way you can prove that you are trustworthy is to have public reviews available for people if they search your name or the store name at the marketplace. Just make sure that you are going to help the buyer as much as you can.

If they ask you for extra pictures, you will take an additional image. If they ask you questions, you answer in a timely matter. It might be a pain to answer so many questions, but believe me, if you are the buyer, you would like to know those answers as well.

Did you get paid?

Getting paid before you export the watch is the most crucial part. When you have the money in your account, that means that the buyer does have trust in you and you can continue with the process.

The way you can get paid.

  • Wire payment is one of the most popular payments, especially for sellers, because it is harder to get scammed.
  • Paypal is a prevalent payment method, and many people do like it, and they are familiar with it as well. It does protect the buyer as well as the seller. Here is an excellent article on how to use Paypal to sell watches.
  • Stripe is also an excellent payment method for many online stores these days, which means, you might be having your own Stripe account as well.

How to ship the watch?

There are many ways you can ship the watch; however, I will share with you two ways I have sent the watches internationally. In the past, I used to ship with USPS, and I can tell you that the shipping was stressful, because the watch took a while before it got to the final destination and I was afraid that I might lose the money as well as the watch.

That being said, I do not use USPS anymore. My preferred way is using FedEx, which has the largest fleet of airplanes in the world. You could use UPS or DHL, but I do like FedEx because they never failed me.

The steps to fill out your export papers

Make sure that the country you are exporting the watch to is on the list of countries, you can get full insurance on the watch. For example, shipping to Guatemala will be riskier than shipping to Canada, and some companies do not insure your shipments.

Select shipment purpose
o Commercial (Selling watch)
o Gift (happy bday)
o Return or Repair (if you are sending a watch for service or returning the merchandise)

Add Commodity (what are you exporting)
o You need to explain what you are shipping (Used Watch) and the total cost, however, you can explain it in more details which are recommended for customs.
Watch movement $800
Watchband $500
Watch case $500

What not to ship

  • It is illegal to ship exotic straps. If you decide to export the strap with the watch, the watch might get confiscated, and you might not get the watch. I would highly recommend just to ship the watch without the strap.
  • Replica or Fake watches are illegal to sell, but I hope that you are not one of those people, and if you are, you better stop reading our blog because we do not support that behavior.

When you shipped the watch, it is important to check the shipping status. From my personal experience, my watch was held at customs for a while when I was shipping to Australia.

The watch was released after the buyer called the shipping company to see what was happening. In many instances, the shipping company will contact you if they need more information from you. Sometimes, they need information from the buyer.

If the watch gets stuck at customs, it essential, to act fast, because the shipping company will not hold the watch there forever. I had 5 days to sort the issue before the watch would come back to me.

Exporting watches fast and safe seems challenging, but after reading this blog post, you should be able to export your watch you sold with an easy. Just follow the steps, and you will be able to make the buyer of your watch very happy.

This blog post was written by Honza Hroch, the founder of Value Your Watch marketplace. His passion for watches started by joining Watch Trading Academy, where he began to understand the world of luxury watches.


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