How to Get Some of the Hottest Rolex Watches in 2019

How to Get Some of the Hottest Rolex Watches in

In 2019, it becomes almost impossible to get hands on the hottest Rolex watches. I am not talking about the regular Datejust, but the Stainless steel sports Rolex watches such as the Submariners, GMT Master II, and Daytonas.

You would think that you can walk into a Rolex store and buy any watch you want. I have tried that many times, but the answer is always, sorry, we do not have those watches available, or even better reaction is they laugh at me like I am crazy to even ask for those watches. The truth is, they do not have it for me, but for some other people who already spend some money with them in the past and they are patiently waiting for the call.

Also, many Rolex Authorized dealers are afraid that people will flip the hottest watches for profit right away. But do you know how much are those Rolex Watches selling on the secondary market?

There are circumstances that people who flipped the hottest Rolex watches, got banned by Rolex to purchase another watch from them. I believe that people should be able to do whatever they want with their watches after they paid for them; however, some companies do not like that.

The hottest Rolex watches in 2019?

Rolex Daytona 116500LN with the black and the panda dial
Rolex Daytona 116505 (Gold with Green Dial)
GMT-MASTER II 126710BLNR “Batmen”
GMT-MASTER II 126719BLRO “Pepsi”
GMT-MASTER II 126711CHNR “Root Beer”

All these Rolex watches are so hard to get that, the price on the secondary market is thousands of dollars above the MSRP. Many people are looking to add these timepieces in their collections, but it is almost impossible to get some of these watches unless you have purchased watches from the Rolex Authorized Dealer before.

How can you get the hottest Rolex watches?

If you really want to get one of those watches mentioned above, it’s not that challenging if you are willing to spend money and wait for a while to get the call. What I mean by that, you will need to be profitable for the Rolex Authorized dealer. That being said, you might have to spend some money on watches you might not necessarily like. I was told by my friend who works for the Rolex Authorized Dealer, that he can get me the in-demand watches If I am going to buy a gold Datejust or some other gold Rolex watches.

After you buy those watches, you might be able to get some of the watches from them. It will not happen right away, because they might have to order the watch for you, which takes time to get it. Also, you might have to put a 50% deposit to be “in line” for the watch you want. Depending on the Rolex store and their procedures in place.

If you do not like to wait and do not mind to spend extra money, you can purchase the watch on the secondary market. As I mentioned in this article, some of these watches are selling way above the MSRP. Yes, you will pay much more than you would pay directly from the Rolex Authorized Dealer.

Why are these watches in such a demand?

Have you ever experienced the feeling that you want something so badly? Rolex is an incredible marketer, and they do know how to promote their watches. By creating the product people want, they know by limiting supply the buzz of wanting their watches stays for a while. Also, there are not that many people in the world, that are not familiar with Rolex watches which will keep the demand for their watches alive for a long time, unless they will make some terrible business move.

Should you invest money in these Rolex watches?

Ultimately, the choice is yours, but in my opinion, you should buy the watch you will enjoy wearing. Why would you buy a watch you do not enjoy wearing? If you know that the watch you want would make you happy and the chance of losing money on it is minimum, why not go by that watch. Watches can be a great money transfer vehicle if bought right. All you need to know what watches to buy.

In 2019, there are many hot Rolex watches, and you are unable just to purchase regular stainless steel Rolex unless the timing is right or you have a reputation with the Rolex Authorized Dealer. I wish you good luck looking for one of the hottest Rolex watches in 2019.

The article was written by Honza Hroch, the founder of Value Your Watch Marketplace. Honza has learned about watches from Watch Trading Academy, which is the leading platform to learn about watch trading.


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