How to get the luxury watch of your dreams 75% faster

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Since I have started to become a luxury watch consultant, I have friends asking me about watches. How can I buy this watch which I want, but I do not have the extra money to spend? There are many ways; you can get to your grail watch much faster than you thought is possible.

When a client asks me what the options are, I tell them that they can choose the path, which makes them feel the most comfortable. 

Sometimes, you need to be more creative with your money, and sometimes you need a plan to execute with the help of trusted watch dealers.

  • Upgrade to the watch you want
  • Use other people’s money
  • Just buy it
How to get the luxury watch of your dreams 75
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These three options are one of the options I recommend to my clients, and you might agree or disagree; however, that’s what has been working for my clients very well, and they are happy owners of luxury watches.

Upgrade to the watch you want

If you want a specific watch that costs upwards of thousands of dollars, you can always start upgrading your watch slowly. However, if you do not own an entry-level timepiece, you might be able to gradually step up your watch game to a higher level by upgrading.

What does it mean to upgrade my watch?

You can keep on trading the current watch to a higher level watch. It’s like trading your older car for a new one. The great thing about watches is that you will not lose your ass when trading your watches for a new one if you are dealing with the trusted watch seller who likes to have a long term relationship with you.

When I have my clients trade their watches for a more expensive watch, there is always a way to make the deal fair that my clients get the best value as possible. Sometimes, the client even gets more money back than they paid for the watch, due to the increase in the market demand of that specific watch they bought from me. Yes, watches appreciate as well.

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Work with one watch dealer ONLY

The reason you should be working with one watch dealer is simple. Trust and transparency go a long way when it comes to helping people to purchase expensive luxury watches. By allowing the one specific trusted watch seller to help you with your watch needs, the transaction will be much faster and comfortable.

I like to buy the watches I have sold back from my clients because I know the history of the watch. I do not have to worry about counterfeit watches, which is a big deal these days.

By allowing the specific trusted dealer to help you get an upgrade to the watch you want, you will be able to get the best value much faster than shopping around.

Use other people’s money

We live in the world, where you have access to so much free money. When my clients say that they do not have money right now, but know for a fact that they are getting a bonus at work, or just going to have extra cash flow shortly, I tell them to use other people’s money. 

I have talked about the topic of how to leverage other people’s money in this article in more detail.

How to take advantage of free money?

There is only one requirement, which is an excellent Credit Score (725 points +), and this approach might work only in the USA unless your Credit Card companies in your country have similar deals available as well.

Look for the specific credit card companies which offer a bonus to sign up for their cards and allow you to spend up to the particular amount you want to buy the watch for.

For example, you get a signup bonus of 50,000 with can be equal of $500, and you also get 12 months of interest-free purchase with monthly minimum payments.

In other words, you get $500 and 12 months to pay of the card before you have to pay the rest of the balance. By knowing you are getting the bonus or increasing your cash flow, you should be able to make a calculated decision if this is the right move for you to get the luxury watch faster.

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Just buy the watch

Purchasing the watch is the fastest way of getting it; however, there might be one challenge if the watch is not available at Authorized dealers. You need to locate the watch first. 

If you know how to locate the watch you want, you do not need any help from trusted watch dealers. However, if time is more valuable than money, you might consider getting help from them.

Getting the watch you want can be much faster if you know what you want and how to get it. Upgrading the watch you currently have will get you there faster than just saving money on the site because, in the meantime, the watch you got might appreciate, and you will be able to get more money towards the trade. The other popular way of getting your watch faster is to use other people’s money by leveraging your excellent credit score. If money is no issue, get the watch if you know where you can get it. If you need to find the watch, use a reputable watch consultant who will be more than happy to help you.

This blog post is written by Honza Hroch, the founder of Value Your Watch Marketplace.

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