How To Maximize The Benefit Of Value Your Watch Marketplace!

1695278689 How To Maximize The Benefit Of Value Your Watch Marketplace

If you are trying to sell a watch online, you should know how to maximize the benefits of the platform you are using. I have had many sellers ask me how they could improve their profile at the Value Your Watch marketplace.

There are several ways to improve your exposure, creating trust and making the watch listings more desirable are the basic steps. I am going to share with you some critical steps to increase the exposure and how you can get the most out of this great online watch marketplace.

How To Maximize The Benefit Of Value Your Watch Marketplace

Maximizing the Benefits of Value Your Watch Marketplace

  • Optimize the Value Your Watch Seller Profile
  • Get reviews
  • Upload great pictures with a clear description
  • Drive traffic to your listings

Optimize the Value Your Watch Seller Profile

When you create a free or a paid profile, you will have the same capabilities to set up your profile.

1. The first step when you create your seller profile is to go to settings

2. You will fill out as much information as you can. This information will be shown right at the store page if someone clicks on your store.

  • On this page, potential customers can follow your store or contact you directly. To modify the “contact” button, you can adjust the text at the settings.
  • When you set up the basic profile, I would suggest optimizing the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help direct more organic traffic to your store. The rule of thumb is to have the same “store name” across all platforms such as eBay and Watch Forums.

Here is the power of the SEO; we will look at three different watch sellers at the platform. Even if someone misspells the name of the store, it will show up on google.

5. The next step would be to link the social media channels. We want people to interact with the platform to create a long-lasting relationship when buying and selling watches. So we encourage people to link the online social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn.

When your profile is good enough for people to see that you are a real person, you will see more people reaching out to you directly. Before my profile was complete, I never had a person reach out to me in the marketplace. Since I finished my profile with the necessary information, I have started getting more people reach out to me directly.

Get reviews

Selling watches online is about trust, and one way to increase the buyer’s confidence is to have testimonials by other customers. Because your profile is already optimized for Google as well as other online platforms, people can find you fast. Now all you need is to get reviews from your current clients.

If your clients click on “Write a Review,” they will be able to add their experience for other potential users to see.

Upload great pictures with a clear description

Having great pictures with a clear description is one of the most challenging part of selling watches. Not everyone knows how to take great pictures. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can take great pictures using your cell phone.

When it comes to description, make sure you include all the necessary information to help the potential watch buyer make an informative decision.

Also, include your contact information to make it more accessible for people to reach out to you by providing an email or phone number.

The more information and more pictures you have the easier it is for the customers to make the decision. You can even mention what kind of payment method you are going to accept because you are not required to close the deal on the platform.

Drive traffic to your listings at Value Your Watch marketplace

One of the reasons why this platform is very inexpensive for users is that they have to learn how to drive traffic on their own to get more exposure. Yes, we can make the platform much more expensive and drive more traffic, but you would not pay the amount you are paying right now.

One of the best ways is to let people know that you have an online store where you sell watches. If you have Facebook, Instagram, you can always link the store to your social media profiles.

Also, when you are creating a description of various platforms where you are selling watches, you should mention that you have more pictures at “Your Store Name.” Because you optimize your profile, you will show up on the top of the search, and people will mostly click on it and see that you have a better price and more pictures available. By having a better price at the marketplace, you increase the chance of closing the deal right there.  This is how you get more exposure to your listing.

Value Your Watch Marketplace is a compelling platform, with hundreds of daily users. We are becoming the place where more people want to list their watches for selling, and also attracting genuine buyers, that want to shop for the best deals.

How To Maximize The Benefit Of Value Your Watch Marketplace

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