How to pick the right luxury watch for yourself?


Choosing the right luxury watch for yourself can be challenging if you do not know which luxury watch would be the best fit for you. I was reading an article at Esquire which is talking about “What to Look Out For When Buying a Luxury Watch” and I thought I would share my point of view for people when they are trying to get the watch they believe is the right fit for them.

When picking the right luxury watch, you should narrow the search by Watch Brand, Watch Movement, Case Size, Material, Features /Complication, as well as the budget.

Pick the right luxury watch

Watch Brand

There are many Watch brands, but not every watch brand provides the same quality. One of the most known watches manufactures are in Switzerland, and you should focus on those watch brands. You are probably aware of Rolex, OMEGA, Cartier, Breitling, and other great watches made in Switzerland.

When choosing the right watch brand, you should focus on the type of watch you would like to wear. If you are the person who wants to wear only dress watches, maybe Patek Phillipe or Cartier is the right choice for you.

If you are looking for a watch which is more vertical, Rolex or OMEGA might be the right choice.

The key to choosing the right watch brand is to know what kind of activity you are planning to do with the watch. You do not want to buy Patek Phillipe on the crocodile strap and go for a swim, but I assume that you do have a common sense.

I do have more than one watch brand because each watch I do have is for a different activity.

Watch Movement

There are different watch movements which do help to run the intricate movements. You could get Quartz, Hand-Wound, or Automatic (self-wind). Each watch movement has its benefits and you should weight it against the cons.

•    Quartz watch movement has a small battery which does send the energy to keep the movement moving. Watches with Quartz movements are more accurate than mechanical movements and easy to maintain.

•    Hand-Wound is the first original movement. There are many watches which do have this movement; however, due to its nature to wind the watch on manually, they become less popular movements; however, there are still people who prefer the manual wind especially with the Omega Speedmaster Pro Moon watches.

•    The Automatic movement became the most popular because it’s straightforward to keep the watch running. The rotor which runs the movement creates the energy by just wearing the watch.

Well know watches with Quartz movements

  • OMEGA Speedmaster Skywalker X-33
  • Breitling Exospace B55
  • Grand Seiko SBGV009

Well know watches with Hand-Wound Movements

  • Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch (not all models)
  • Panerai Luminor Marina (not all models)
  • Patek Philippe Calatrava (not all models)

Well know watches with Automatic Movements

  •  Rolex Submariner
  •  Audemars Piquet Royal Oak Offshore Diver
  •  Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

When choosing the right movement, you should know all the pros and cons; that way, you will be able to enjoy the watch entirely without being surprised about the way the watch is powered as well as the cost of fixing the watch.

Case Size

If you ever experience different watch case size, you know that not each size fits you perfectly. To pick the right watch which does fits your wrist comfortably needs some testing.

You should feel the watch on your wrist at least one time to know if the case size is the right one. I do enjoy 42mm. Many Rolex fans, do like 40mm because that the most commons size for Submariners.

I would suggest going to an Authorized dealer for the watch you are looking to get and feel the timepiece on your wrist.

Sometimes the case size might be the right one; however, the case thickness might not be the right fit. Some timepieces, especially with the manual wind, do have the advantage of having the cases very thin due to its way of the movements are made.

The more complicated the movement, the harder it is to make the case thickness smaller.

The most common case sizes

  •     44mm
  •     42mm
  •     40mm
  •     38mm
  •     34mm
  •     32mm


Watches are primarily made out of Steel & Stainless steel, Ceramic, Titanium, and Gold. Each material has its benefits, but the most common material is Stainless steel.

Steel & Stainless Steel

The most common materials used, not just due to its price point to make one, but also due to its resistant to dust and corrosion (mainly stainless steel)


The benefits of Titanium are almost twice as light as the stainless steel while they are three times stronger. Many people do like Titanium do its hypoallergenic advantage.


This material is the hardest to work with for watch manufactures due to its long and complicated manufacturing process. What does this mean for the consumer? The watch case is to wear resistance, lightweight, hypoallergenic, which makes the case popular among many people.


Having gold in your watch materials has many great benefits. You could have white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. Gold is precious metal, which means that on its own, it has a much higher value compared to stainless steel and other materials. Also, the brightness of the gold remains for a long time without any maintenance.

In the end, each watch might have a combination of various materials which created a fantastic masterpiece. You have to evaluate which material will fit your style.

Features /Complications

Having more features does not mean that you will be happier. You might realize that not having any makes you the most comfortable. There is an excellent blog post from Wixon Jewelers about various watch complications if you would like to learn more about it. There are many complications available such as date, calendar, chronograph, Moon Phases, GMT, and more. These features are among the most common.


The date function is very self-explanatory, and most common function.


There might be two different types of calendars — Annual and Perpetual calendar. The Annual calendar feature does shows the date, month, with minimal adjustment. The Perpetual calendar is even more epic. You do not have to adjust anything, because when you set the day, date, and month, it will adapt its self for each month even on the leap year.


This function is beneficial for people who like to time something. The chronograph is a stopwatch. In general, the simple chronograph has two buttons. The start/stop button and the reset button.

Moon Phase

The moon phase is one of the most thought for function on watches for watch enthusiasts. This complication can track the current moon phase and display if it’s new, full or a quarter moon.

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

The GMT function is trendy among many travelers because the GMT function will display two different time zones by using a fourth hand complication.

Budget / Cost

Maybe the most critical question you should ask yourself is, how much am I willing to spend on a watch? If you know that your budget is X, you will be able to narrow the search. Also, keep in mind that some watches do lose value after purchase directly from the authorized dealer. It might be wise to look “shop online for used watches”

The cost of each watch might vary due to the many variables we discuss. Such as The materials used, functions, or the brand of the watch.

Picking a luxury watch for yourself just got much easier when you know what your budget is, what brand of the watch you like, and the function you want to have. I hope you will pick the right watch.

This article was written by Honza Hroch who is the founder of Value Your Watch Marketplace.


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