How to Replace OMEGA Seamaster Bezel Insert

1695364675 How to Replace OMEGA Seamaster Bezel Insert

Today I’ll be replacing the bezel assembly and cleaning the case of an Omega Planet Ocean.

Before jumping in, there are a few inventory pieces to review.

  1. Bezel removal tool
  2. Replacement bezel, bezel insert, click spring, and bezel spring
  3. Finger cots or a glove to prevent smudges and provide grip
  4. High Concentrate Isopropyl Alcohol Swabs
  5. Rodico
  6. Microfiber cloth
  7. Plastic Pry Bar
How to Replace OMEGA Seamaster Bezel Insert
How to Replace OMEGA Seamaster Bezel Insert 79

Bezel removing tool

The bezel remover tool will insure the bezel is removed without damaging the case. The replacement parts are self-explanatory, as are the finger cots.

1695364669 831 How to Replace OMEGA Seamaster Bezel Insert

High concentrate isopropyl is needed as lower concentrates will leave impurities behind that can scratch/damage the case or crystal. Swabs and the cloth will help remove dirt/debris that the rodico doesn’t pick up. The plastic pry bar shouldn’t be needed, but is good to have to assist in tandem with the bezel remover if it’s giving you trouble. The plastic is soft enough that it won’t damage the case.

1695364670 234 How to Replace OMEGA Seamaster Bezel Insert

Now that we’ve gone over the parts, let’s get to it. The first order of business is to ensure your workspace is clean, and then suit up with your finger cots. I like to use them on my thumb, index finger, and middle finger. You can use more if you like, but I recommend having cots on at least 3 fingers.

Next, we’ll want to grab our bezel remover tool. With one hand, securely hold the watch, and with the other, position the tool around the bezel and make sure the edges go into the tiny spacing between the bezel and the case.

1695364670 394 How to Replace OMEGA Seamaster Bezel Insert

Then, tightly grip the tool and pull it directly upwards while slightly rotating the bezel. The bezel should come off.

1695364671 519 How to Replace OMEGA Seamaster Bezel Insert

If it didn’t, you might need a 3rd set of hands to use a plastic pry bar to get into the spacing the removal tool provides (like I did for this project), then softly apply additional pressure to help get the last bit of the bezel off.

1695364672 884 How to Replace OMEGA Seamaster Bezel Insert

Now that the bezel is off, go ahead and inspect the click ring and case for dirt and grime. Gently lift up and remove the click ring for cleaning. Be careful not to bend any of the little tabs that are sticking up. If there’s only a little dirt, try using rodico to remove it. If it’s really caked on there, like it was for this project, bring out the big guns. We want to use a high concentrate of Isopropyl alcohol because it doesn’t interact with steel, and lower concentrations have impurities that get left behind as the alcohol evaporates.

1695364672 151 How to Replace OMEGA Seamaster Bezel Insert

This way we ensure that the debris is removed without leaving any traces behind. Be very gentle on the click spring, and then proceed to cleaning the track that it lays in. Use cotton swabs to help with the removal, and change them out frequently. If you use it too much, they can hold too much debris that might scratch the case if you apply too much pressure while cleaning it.

1695364673 877 How to Replace OMEGA Seamaster Bezel Insert

Once the Case and click ring are looking good, re-insert the click ring (there’s a small notch at the top of the case, and a little “lip” on the click ring that slides ever-so-perfectly into the notch). For this project, we have a replacement bezel and bezel assembly (already assembled as a complete part from Omega), so all we have to do is remove it from the packaging, and then make sure it lines up correctly with the 12-hour marker.

1695364674 46 How to Replace OMEGA Seamaster Bezel Insert

Once we ensure that it does, we carefully, yet firmly, apply even, downwards pressure on the outer edges of the bezel until it clicks down and into place. Once in place, make sure it’s all the way on by adjusting the bezel. It should only rotate ONE way, and the clicks should be a little stiff. If it can move clockwise and counter-clockwise, it’s not on all the way and needs to be pressed down more. Otherwise, you have successfully completed this repair!

The article was written by Athony Sansone


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