How to set up a return policy selling watches online


Selling watches online can be quite lucrative, it’s a safer way to park money and increase your wealth. There are some challenges that come with the territory though. One of the greatest challenges is dealing with returns. There are too many reasons people will return a watch, so it makes sense to have a policy in place to make it easier to handle any return requests that may come up.

There are a few different ways you can deal with returns when you sell a luxury watch. Some sellers will offer three day returns while others may offer day returns. There are some sellers which do not accept returns at all. Let’s break down the different types of returns help you decide how to go about setting up your own return policy.

Here are the most common Return Policy Selling Watches Online

  • As-Is
  • 3 days
  • 7 days
  • 14 days
  • 30 days


When you sell a luxury watch as is, you are telling the buyer the return policy does not exist. This is very common with luxury watches since most of them are used. By legal definition, “As-is is a term used in warranty law to disclaim the seller’s liability for faults in the item sold. The buyer accepts the item in the present condition, whether the faults are apparent or not.”

The key to selling watches online is to disclose everything about the luxury timepiece truthfully and honestly. The more relative information a buyer has, the weaker their case will be when they try to return a watch they just don’t like.

Another thing to keep in mind is the payment method a person will use to purchase your watch. Two of the most notorious methods of payment include credit cards and PayPal. With PayPal, a user has 180 days to request a refund from you, no matter your return policy. If the person pays with a credit card, the bank may perform a chargeback because the buyer told them they didn’t authorize the charge. Communication is key, since the stronger the communication between you and the buyer, the less likelihood you will have a problem.

Time Limit Returns

The only difference between these types of returns is the length of time you accept them. You need to make sure the buyer follows the rules before you process the return. Just as with any retailer, you’re not going to give a buyer their money back without first receiving the item back. Some possible conditions for returns are listed below.

  • Within 3/7/14/30 days, whatever your policy is
  • Watch was unworn
  • Needs to be in original condition
  • All accessories need to be returned
  • Should you choose, a possible restocking fee, 10-15%

Only until all the above conditions are met, should you even think about beginning the refund process. Having this all laid out means the buyer will know what to expect.

The Refund Process

Some refund processes are easier than others. If you received payment through PayPal or Stripe, it’s a simple login to issue the refund. If the customer paid by bank wire, you have to take a few more steps. Usually you will be wiring back to the buyer. Payment through other methods, such as Zelle or Cash App is as simple as sending money to the buyer like you normally would.

To Return or Not?

As a general rule, I do not accept returns, I am selling used watches as-is. The watches can be as old as 30, and problems may pop up that weren’t there when I sold them. That doesn’t mean I will never accept a return as things can happen, and sometimes things aren’t as expected. I would rather keep good karma, and it may be worth it to do a good thing, even if it’s not the right thing. It may allow me to form a relationship and even if this isn’t the watch, they may come back for the watch they love in the future.

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