How To ship Watches Without Leaving Your Home

Tips to export watches around the world

Shipping luxury watches can be a confusing task if not done correctly. There are many tips and tricks on the internet on how you can make shipping more straightforward, today I will make it even easier for you. In this blog post, you will learn how to ship via some famous shipping companies and maximize your efficiency. You will even learn how to ship without leaving your home. That’s right; you do not even have to go to the post office, FedEx or UPS to drop off your package.

How to Ship luxury watches

  1. Choose the Shipping Company
  2. Supplies
  3. How much does it cost to ship luxury watches
  4. Shipping from Home

#1 Shipping Companies

How To ship Watches Without Leaving Your Home

USPS (United States Postal Service)

United States Postal Service, aka USPS, is providing Postal Service in the United States, and it’s an independent branch of the federal government. Is USPS an excellent choice to ship watches? I used to ship many watches via USPS and they always got delivered without any issue, until one day it didn’t and the watch got lost. The problem is that if something does happen to your shipment, it’s very challenging to get it back or even to have control over the shipment, such as canceling the delivery and shipping it back to you.

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UPS (United Parcel Service)

The United Parcel Service, aka UPS, has one of the most significant global ground fleet vehicle with it’s World Headquarters located in Atlanta.

Depending on where you are shipping, UPS might be the best choice for you. I do personally use mostly UPS due to its excellent reputation in Hawaii. One of the good benefits is that I can reroute the package back to me, in case I need to get it back before it reaches the original destination. All I have to do is to call them up, and they will deal with it.

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FedEx (Federal Express)

Federal Express, aka FedEx, has the largest air cargo carrier in the world with its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. Many people I have I have done business with like FedEx because, if they do not deliver your package before a specified time when you ship via FedEx First Overnight®, they will reimburse the shipping. If you want to learn more about the FedEx Express U.S. money-back guaranteed, here is your chance. Also, if you’re going to insure your watches when shipping with FedEx, you can join the FedEx Jewelry Shipping program.

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DHL (Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn)

Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn, aka DHL, is a top-rated international carrier that started in the United States and was founded in 1969. Currently. Deutsche Post German Company owns the majority of stakes. From personal experience, they do deliver on time and have friendly customer service representatives.

#2 Supplies

When it comes to shipping luxury watches, I always make sure I protect the package the best way possible. There are many ways I can save money on the supplies by reusing the boxes and supplies I got from the previous seller. Let’s say; I don’t have any supplies, what are the items I need to ship my watches fast and safe?

Necessary Supplies to ship

  • Shipping Boxes
  • Shipping Tape
  • Stuffing Materials (foam, bubble wraps)
  • Scale
  • Printer

Shipping Boxes

My favorite shipping boxes are the ones I don’t have to pay for. In other words, I reuse the ones I got or ask the shipping companies for free boxes. Many companies offer free boxes. All you have to do is to pick them up or create a free online account with one of the shipping companies you are planning to ship the watch with.


In general, I do not ship watches with USPS due to a higher risk of losing the watch; however, USPS is great for shipping straps, watch links, or anything under $100 value. As you can see in the picture below, USPS has many free boxes to ship items with. You can order online or pick up the boxes directly from them.


Getting free shipping boxes from UPS is a bit harder than from USPS; however, it’s possible as well. By creating and an online account with them, I can order free boxes or pouches. Because I have an account with ParcelPro, I order my supplies from through them. The only requirement to use the free boxes is to ship Express.


When I ship with FedEx, I can pick up the Free shipping boxes from their customer center. They have different size boxes, and they are free when shipping FedEx Express. The other option is to order online or calling them to order the free boxes.


Same as the major shipping companies, you can order online the Free boxes. The only requirement is to create a free account with them and place an order. They will deliver the boxes to your doorsteps.

Shipping Tape

When I ship my watches, I always make sure that I am using the tape which is designed for shipping. It will be shown on the tape packaging if you can use it for shipping. These tapes are pressure-sensitive, nylon-reinforced craft paper tape, or they can be a fiberglass-reinforced pressure-sensitive tape.

The best places to purchase the shipping tapes are, Costco, Office supply stores, or the Shipping companies itself.

One of the essential parts of shipping luxury watches is to make sure that the watch is secured. The cushioning and bubble wrap is super essential to make the package safe. The only downside is that these supplies can take a lot of space, especially the Bubble wrap rolls.

For cushioning, I like to use any paper, foam materials, or bubble wrap. Because I order many things online, I have a surplus of these supplies already, but if I have to buy it, I look at or Office supplies in Honolulu.


Having a scale available is not necessary; however, if I want to know a more accurate price of my shipment, I weight the package. Because some of the watch boxes are relatively heavy, it will increase the price of the shipping label. There are some boxes, which are flat-rate, which means that I can ship 1lb to 25lb for the same price.


To be able to create my own label saves me time and money, but I need to be able to print them  on my own. There are different ways to print labels from just a regular printer to a thermal printer.

I like to use the regular printer because I don’t just have to use it to print labels. What I have found is that the Epson EcoTank ink lasts the longest, which saves me money on printing labels on my own.

By having the right supplies, the process of shipping luxury watches becomes easier and brainless. I remember the first time I was shipping the watch, and I had no idea how to pack the box or how to create a label. Now it’s much more manageable.

#3 How much does it cost to ship luxury watches

Shipping luxury watches can get expensive; however, there are alternatives to ship with different companies who are in a contract with the shipping companies. By using those companies, you can get a large discount. You will see an example below with the actual prices. 

Saving money on the shipping label and fully insuring your luxury watch package.

These are the resources I use the most to ship my watches or watch accessories, especially when I want to insure the packages fully.

An Example Of Actual Cost to ship a Luxury Watch

I will use a watch that is worth $10,000, and the shipping box weight 2lb ship from Hawaii to New York with a signature required.

USPS Price Estimate for Shipping Luxury Watches


Priority Mail 3-Day™ Medium Flat Rate Box by a Registered Mail™, which ensures the package fully ed with a signature required.

FedEx Price Estimate for Shipping Luxury Watches

$118.70 Not Insured FedEx 2Day® Delivered by 10:30 am

$88.50 Not Insured FedEx 2Day® Delivered by 8 pm

(Getting Label Directly from FedEx)

$73.63 Fully Insured(Using a Business Account with ParcelPro)

UPS Price Estimate for Shipping Luxury Watches

$174.37 Not Insured(Getting Label Directly from UPS)

$57.76 Fully Insured(Using a Business Account with ParcelPro)

When shipping second-day air, using the Free UPS Express box, the fully insured signature required package should arrive in two days, as you can see, the price difference is enormous between buying the shipping label directly from the UPS or by using a business account that offers better deals on shipping.

DHL Price Estimate for Shipping luxury watches

Unfortunately, DHL does not offer domestic shipping for USA customers.

#4 Shipping Luxury Watches without Leaving Home

I always wondered how I could be more efficient to ship my watches without going to the drop off centers or customer center for the shipping companies. It might be old news for some of you, but you can give the package to the USPS, FedEx, or UPS delivery person.

How does it work?

The labels need to be made and put on the box. In other words, the box is ready to be shipped.

USPS, FedEx, and UPS allow you to schedule pick up; however, there is a fee. I like to save money by giving the package to the driver who comes to your area.

For example, if I know, I am expecting a package from FedEx or UPS that day, I can wait for the delivery of my package and gave them the new box. Doing so, I save time to drive to the store and the money for gas as well.

There might be times when I am sick or unable to leave the house to ship my watch; this is a great way to have my watch business run uninterrupted.

Shipping luxury watches can be simple by using the right supplies, the company I trust with, the convenience to not have to go and drop off my watches. Watch business can be a fun business.

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How To ship Watches Without Leaving Your Home

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