How to start a watch club


If you think watch clubs are widespread, you might be mistaken. In Honolulu, there was none I knew about before I initiate Horology on Tap, which is our monthly get together with my watch friends.

You might wonder how can you start one, or find one which might be in your city. Being able to meet with people who enjoy watches as well as has many benefits, but most importantly, it gives you a reason to go out and enjoy watches with people who like watches.

How to start a watch club

How can you find a watch club in your town?

If you are not the person who does not like to organize a monthly meeting, you should check out these websites for local watch meetups.

When you search for horology in your town, you might find some or none. If you do not see any, you have an opportunity to start your own.

How to start a watch club 

  • Just Start
  • Get Members
  • Create a Name
  • Be consistent
  • Advertise
  • Be Creative

Just Start

When I first started to brainstorm about a local watch club, I had no idea about what is the right or wrong approach for the club. The key was to decide to start the club. Then I did it.

Get Members

If there are no members, there is no watch club. Before my first official club meeting, I have reached out other horology people on Oahu who might be interested in meeting. The best place to look for new members is Facebook and watch forums such as Rolex Forum.

When you are searching facebook watch groups, you can search the group’s members and sort them by the place they live in. For me, I was sorting them by Honolulu. 

The other thing I have done was to search the Rolex forum, and I have a look at members who are from Hawaii. 

Fortunately for me, there was Alex who I have found on the forum. He has been living in Hawaii for a long time, and he is super passionate about watches. He decided that having a beer and talking watches on a monthly bases is a great idea

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Create a Name

After several club meetings, we thought it would be a great idea actually to get a name for the club. We came up with the name of “Horology on Tap” Because we think the club can grow to a much larger gathering, we also purchase the domain name to be able to build a website. If you are planning to create a bigger watch club, I would highly recommend getting a website as well because it will be beneficial later on when you decide to organize different types of events.

Be consistent

Even if we had only three members since we started, we are very consistent. We meet once a month on Thursdays from 5:30-7:30 pm, which seems like a good time for all the members.

When you are consistent with having monthly meetings, more people starting to notice the club and more potential members will show up.


Advertising is a key for successful watch club. You should be using these social media channels.


It allows you to invite people fast, and you can create groups of pages and events

Meet Up

Meet Up is a great way to let other people know that you have monthly meetings. People search for various activities they can do with their friends or if they are new in town they are looking for similar interest.


Eventbrite is very popular for organizing events. To set up and run the events is very simple. To use the site is free for the basic level.

Be Creative

By having a monthly watch meeting, you can think outside of the box where to meet. What we have done is to have our monthly meeting at the Omega store in Waikiki. Because one of our regular members does work there, he asks me if we would like to have the meeting there. Why not? Free food and Free drinks sound like a great plan.

What are the benefits of organizing the events.

When you are in charge of organizing the monthly meetings, you get to know a lot of people. The power of knowing more people who like watches as well is priceless. 

I am always excited to see familiar and new faces at our monthly meeting, and I feel like there are not enough meetups around the world. I will be doing some research about the best watch clubs around the world. Feel free to get in touch with if you want me to add your club to the list.

The watch blog was written by Honza Hroch, the founder of Value Your Watch Marketplace

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